10 producers from Romania are displaying their products at PLMA Amsterdam 2023

23-24 May 2023 | RAI Exhibition Centre – Amsterdam


Participating Firms


Discover our chicken ready-to-eat innovations: Cocorico Original range
AAylex ONE, major fresh chicken meat producer in Romania, with 40 years of know-how in constant production and systemic innovation is appreciated for its premium quality brand Cocorico-the All – Natural Chicken Brand.

AAylex ONE is a vertically & horizontally integrated sustainable business, employing over 2,300 employees in its feed plants, chicken farms, slaughterhouse and two new highly advanced processing plants,
Cocorico chicken is appreciated for its premium quality both in Romania and abroad, in douzaines of countries with high interest for the gastronomic culture and healthy food, such as France, UK, Hungary, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovak or United Arab Emirates. Our chicken is humanely treated and ethically raised in a natural cycle, FREE OF: animal protein meals, food additives, antibiotics, or hormones to enhance growth. Premium packaging under the highest biosecurity standards, in a variable or calibrated weight.
Front-runner player on the Romanian poultry market, the company managed its resources to overpass food industry challenges and to developed new ranges, ready to eat innovations, aligned with the latest food trends that satisfy current consumer needs.
The new concept designed as Cocorico Original range was a natural response to the healthy lifestyle challenges. The entire range is made from 100% fresh Cocorico chicken, naturally raised,  adding nothing more than natural condiments and smoked naturally with beechwood. Thus, CocoPastrami, Cocorici & CocoBaked were crafted, with hard work and passion, using only natural ingredients, 0 additives and preservatives, for a healthy diet . The entire range is produced at the highest quality standards, using cutting-edge technology. Tasteful and versatile, our chicken products are ready to eat, or ready to be only heated for a couple of minutes and prepared together with your favorite salads or simple natural dishes, saving you time, effort, and economic resources.
One of our dearest innovations is a mouthwatering steamed and smoked with natural beech wood chicken Pastrami, a clean-label product you can indulge as it is, or in a nutritious sandwich, on the go. CocoPastrami delivers great taste on a sophisticated charcuterie menu, with the least of effort and energy consumption.
Furthermore, in order to meet all needs, we also crafted CocoBaked, our juicy delicious baked chicken. For an instant healthy meal at home or at the office, just toss a salad or a quick side dish and your meal is ready. CocoBaked can perfectly serve F&B sector, as it means a shorter time to service a restaurant’s menu, as well as less energy or frying oil consumption, offering a spectacular and healthy taste.
Cocorici range is our raising star innovation as it delivers alongside the 100% clean label,  a special nutritional profile in order to boost immunity system and it has NO MEMBRANE. For breakfast or in a hot dog, in salads, on pizza, even in pastry dough, it can be consumed right from the pack, heated or grilled for just 1 minute. That simple!
Made from 100% fresh Cocorico meat (ethically raised, fed free of animal protein, food additives, antibiotics, or growth hormones), the range delivers a spectacular taste, for 100% clean label products (free of gluten, nitrites, additives, preservatives, flavor enhancers or artificial aromas), being produced 100% automatized, with  an unique “NO PRODUCT TOUCH” system the customer is the first one to touch the products, so everything is bio-secure, safe and healthy for you.
Cocorico Original is ideal for all consumers, from children to seniors, without any restrictions (it has no allergens, and is HALAL certified).
The range is time and cost efficient – it can be consumed right from the pack or heated/grilled for just 1 minute (behind the Cocorico brand there is an important know-how used with every product developed, to solve the need of people to do things as quickly as possible, and to reduce the energy cost).
It’s natural to choose the best for you – Cocorico – The all-natural Chicken Brand!

Contact: Georgian Capitaneanu – Export Manager
Commercial, External Markets
Telephone: +40 725 040 440
E-mail: georgian.capitaneanu@aaylex.ro
Website: www.aaylexone.ro


In 2003, Zenovia Semcu founded Agrosemcu as a small family business, with the main object of activity – the manufacture of bread.

In time, Mrs. Semcu notices the potential of the business and decides to build a bread factory in Valea Calugareasca, Prahova. Despite the fact that the economy was timidly recovering from the recession, in 2011, Agrosemcu submitted the “FEADR Project – Bread Factory” to obtain 50% co-financing from European funds. The project, worth 4,671,177 euros, was approved in 2012, and in 2014 the Senapan Factory was inaugurated.

In 2017, modern retail was already very well represented in Romania. Agrosemcu shareholders see this as a good new market and a new development opportunity. Thus, they submitted the project for the diversification of the activity – installation of a biscuit and cake line. The project, worth 1,944,520 euros, will be completed in 2020. Through this project, Agrosemcu satisfies the selection criteria of the big retailers regarding production capacity and shelf life.

The building measures approximately 2000 m² and hosts 7 production lines:

  • Bread line: 3.000 breads/h
  • Cake line: 700 kg/h
  • Biscuit line: 500 kg/h
  • Cookie line: 200 kg/h
  • Artisanal line – specialties
  • Pretzel line
  • Pastry section

Currently, Agrosemcu sells bakery products, pastries, cakes and biscuits under 3 brands: Senapan, SenaDelice and SenaVit. These products are available nationally, but also for export.

From the selection of raw materials, the creation of recipes, technological processes, to the daily distribution in partner stores, all processes are carried out within the factory, using its own technical and human resources. This gives increased control over the efficiency and quality of the finished products.

Address: City: Valea Călugărească, Street: DN1 B, No. 216B, County: Prahova
Telephone / Fax: +40 244 702 590 / +40 244 702 591
E-mail: otilia.badea@senapan.ro, office@senadelice.ro
Website: www.senadelice.ro


Apicola Costache SRL was founded in 2005 and it is located in the village Ion Roata, Ialomita County, Romania. Company activity covers acquisition, processing and distribution of honey.

Now, Apicola Costache it`s a company with 37 employees which is processing around 3000 to of honey/year and became Market leader on Romanian market and one of the most important processor of honey from Romania.

From this reason we are suppliers for most of Romanian market retailers (Kaufland, Lidl, Carrefour, Cora, Profi, Auchan, Metro, Selgros), for sweets producers, for Pharma Industry, for Hospitality Industry and also for foreign markets from Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Poland, Israel, China.

Our main products are polyfloral, linden and acacia honey, conventional or organic and is one of the best quality guaranteed by Romanian and German labs. Also ISO and FSSC accreditations for Quality control and AGRECO for BIO products, demonstrate our quality and seriousness.

We pack honey almost in all packaging solutions – from sticks of 10 grs., casserols of 20 grs. to jars, buckets or barrels.


Address: Vladica Street, no 6, Ion Roata 927150, Ialomita County, Romania
Telephone: +40 744 344 634 | +40 761 110 808
E-mail: office@apicolacostache.ro
Website: www.apicolacostache.ro


APISROM started its journey in 2005, with the acquisition and processing of honey and wax as its object of activity.

At the end of 2008, Apisrom has implemented the HACCP system and was certified according to the new standard for food safety, IFS FOOD – International Featured Standards, by TUV Austria. In the same year Apisrom obtained the H20 EC authorization, sanitary-veterinary authorization for intra-community trade.

In order to meet the needs of all categories of customers from all over the world, we also obtained ECO, Halal and Kosher certifications in 2016.

The idea of creating a range of innovative products was born from the desire to bring new products to the market and meet the needs of all customers.

In 2019, after 4 years of research and testing, we obtained a product with ideal qualities: honey cream and choco honey, a spreadable cream with a fine texture, stable over time, perfect to satisfy the need to eat a healthy and delicious sweet.


The honey taken from the beekeepers is checked both organoleptically and through laboratory analyses. Appearance, consistency, color, smell and taste are considered.

From a physico-chemical point of view, humidity, acidity, sugar content, HMF, as well as the presence of antibiotic residues are determined in our own laboratory.

Working with us gives you the following benefits:
• We can offer private labeling upon request
• Limited Edition products – with special recipe

Address: Str. Ceramica, Nr. 19, Vaslui, Romania
Telephone: +40 720 402 578
E-mail: office@apisrom.ro
Website: www.apisrom.ro


ARTESANS del SUCRE is a Spanish family owned company founded in 1991; today is the largest manufacturer of handmade lollipops ​and exports their products to over 50 countries worldwide.

Since 1993 ARTESANS del SUCRE successfully exhibits the highest quality of handmade lollipops at the ISM trade fair. The company also exhibits at the ANUGA KOLN, SIAL PARIS, SIAL SHANGHAI, TUTTO FOOD MILANO, IFE LONDON, ALIMENTARIA BARCELONA, GULFOOD DUBAI fairs.
Our lollipops and candy canes are individually handcrafted and each item is hand wrapped very carefully with the best packaging material. With this we prevent damage of goods during delivery.
All our candies are made with only the finest natural ingredients, without artificial preservatives and cooked in small batches to ensure optimum freshness and quality. Our candies are not cooked with steam, the “cooking on direct fire” is our traditional and most valuable production method, which preserves and enhances flavour and taste.


Address: Com. Bucu 927060 Ialomita – Romania
Telephone: (40) 243/206 201
E-mail: artesans@artesans.ro
Website: http://artesansdelsucre.com/index.php/ro


1994 – Born out of respect for tradition

Born out of respect for tradition, the Boromir family business has managed to offer Romanian people traditional products as well as new, innovative products, starting from a small bakery accompanied by a flourmill.

1998 – Cibin Mill
We joined Cibin Mill from Sibiu and there we created the perfect cornflower for the traditional polenta.

2000 – The Buzau Pretzels for All Tastes
We joined the wheat mill in Buzau, where we created and diversified the best Buzau Pretzels while inspired by different people typologies.

2009 – Cozonac with walnuts cream by Boromir – “Product of the Year Romania 2009”
Cozonac with walnuts cream was designated the winner of “Product of the Year Prize, Romania 2009”.

2014 – Continuous Innovation
Because we consider our customers as part of our family and because we want to fully satisfy their needs, we developed high quality products for different tastes, for traditional as well as for the modern ones.

2018 – We wish to innovate and surprise our customers with unique products and for this reason we created the collections of Exotic Cozonac, Royal Chocolate, Glazed Cozonac and Butter Cozonac.

2021 – In the same spirit, we launched the Vegan Cozonac Collection, Christmas Cake Collection and Cozonac Collection Boromir, too.

2022  – With the desire to offer our customers an exquisite taste and experience, we created the Creamy Cozonac Collection and the Cozonac Infused with Vanilla Syrup.

Boromir Brings Joy for over 29 years!

With a bakery and one mill, then two, then three, then four of each and even more…we have enlarged our family and managed to bring joy to every home in Romania as well as from abroad through innovative as well as traditional products.

Address: 2 Târgului Street, Râmnicu Vâlcea, Romania
Telephone: +40 746 014 787
E-mail: office@boromirmarket.ro
Website: www.boromir.ro


GRANDE DOLCERIA is a company specialized in producing and selling pastries and baked products. With a wide range of products of the highest quality, a modern factory at the highest technological standards, and a specialized and dedicated staff, Grande Dolceria satisfies the taste of the most pretentious clients.

The taste of childhood and the flavors of holiday cookies is reflected in our products in a modern factory, which operates on a high standard with a dedicated team that ensures the satisfaction of the most demanding customers by investing love and affection in fresh products.

Our products offer includes: gingerbread, biscuits, cookies, salty sticks, cereal bars, croquettes etc.


Address: Sos. Bucuresti-Ploiesti Nr. 4, Ciolpani, Ilfov
Telephone: +40 236 470 890
E-mail: office@grandedolceria.com
Website: www.grandedolceria.com


We are a manufacturing and supplying company of both shelled and unshelled walnut kernels, in various forms such as small pieces, halves, or quarters, walnut oil, dried plums, and apples for the Romanian and European market.

Our experienced team is dedicated to providing competitive and high-quality services, capable of professionally responding to all the needs of our customers and partners from around the globe. To ensure the freshness of our products, we use our own line of cracking, packaging, and refrigeration storage system.
Furthermore, we also produce and supply walnut oil made from organically grown nuts, harvested from our own orchard, and processed in our own technological lines, collaborating directly with Romanian farmers to obtain superior quality ingredients.
Our products are 100% natural, pure, and of high quality, with guaranteed satisfaction. We represent the values of quality, simplicity, and reliability.

Walnut kernels
We produce fresh walnut kernels all year round, which can be supplied in their shells to protect and preserve the natural aroma and freshness of the walnut.

Dried plums and apples
We offer superior quality dried fruits, ideal as a healthy snack or to be included in various culinary recipes, and the drying process is done at low temperatures topreserve all the nutritional properties of the fruits.

Walnut oil
Our product is obtained from organically
grown nuts, harvested from our own orchard, and the manufacturing process is carried out in our own technological lines to ensure the purity and quality of the walnut oil.

Address: 22B Ilie Ilascau Str.,Bl D4, Ap. 18, Suceava County
Telephone: +40743917601 | +40740243913
E-mail: info@uleivital.ro
Website: www.uleivital.ro | www.vital.ro


PIRIFAN brand was launched on the market in 2009 and for 14 years has been uncovering the trends that will shake up the way we cook and we flavor. Pirifan’s refillable grinders are well appreciated as high-quality products offering a wide variety of assortments (Himalayan salt, sea salt, pepper, aromatic herbs, mixes of Himalayan salt and pepper, herbs of Provence or chilly, barbeque mixes) while also maintaining a proper quality/cost ratio.

Currently, we have our products on shelfs of all international and local retail chains from Romania, a large portfolio of products including: breakfast cereals, seeds, spices, raw nuts, dried fruits, special flours, and ecological products.
As a company, we’ve been internationally recognized and, by applying our experience and expertise, we are now trusted partners to companies from Spain, Croatia, Germany, Denmark, Belgium and Hungary.
For more than 10 years, we are building our customer loyalty by providing private label products (salt, spices, cereals flakes and muesli) for all our retail chains in Romania and Europe.


Address: 37th Putul lui Zamfir Street, district 1, Bucharest
Telephone: +40 755.095.572
E-mail: p.florentina@pirifan.ro
Website: www.pirifan.ro


Here, at Transilvania Nuts, we are building a whole culture around nuts, dried fruits, and seeds. We benefit from modern technology and premium raw material and our propeller is the enthusiasm of a team of professionals who meet, day by day, the standards required by the certifications obtained.

As mother nature prepares perfect snacks, we bring added value by developing, with premium ingredients, a portfolio of natural, delicious, and nutritious products. We offer the world’s most popular nuts (walnuts – conventional or organic walnut kernels, almonds, pistachios, cashews, hazelnuts), dried fruits (apricots, cranberries, raisins, dates, plums, and so on) and seeds (pumpkin, sunflower, poppy, sesame, flax, chia), in a wide variety of formats – bulk and packaged products (snacks from nuts, dried fruits, and seeds), raw and baked.
Flexibility is one of the strengths that give us the opportunity to develop Private Label products according to the requirements of our partners. We can supply a wide range of Private Label products, with production capabilities and sources of raw materials or packaging to ensure the needs of our partners.
We take pride in adhering to the highest industry standards and certifications, ensuring that every project we tackle is of remarkable quality, regardless of its size. Transilvania Nuts is a promise!



Address: 36 Calea Alba Iulia Street, 517241 Drambar, Ciugud, Alba County, Romania
Telephone/Fax:  0040 (358) 401 138 | 0040 (358) 401 423
E-mail: office@transilvanianuts.ro
Website: www.transilvanianuts.ro