35 producers from Romania are displaying their products at IFE 2023

London, UK  |  20-22 March 2023

Participating Firms

Agricola International

Through the Combined Fodder Factory, the farms and the poultry slaughterhouse, Agricola prepares the freshest chicken meat.
Address: Romania, Bacau city, street: Calea Moldovei no 94
Telephone: +40 234 577 600
E-mail: export@agricola.ro
Website: www.agricola.ro


In 2003, Zenovia Semcu founded Agrosemcu as a small family business, with the main object of activity – the manufacture of bread.

In time, Mrs. Semcu notices the potential of the business and decides to build a bread factory in Valea Calugareasca, Prahova. Despite the fact that the economy was timidly recovering from the recession, in 2011, Agrosemcu submitted the “FEADR Project – Bread Factory” to obtain 50% co-financing from European funds. The project, worth 4,671,177 euros, was approved in 2012, and in 2014 the Senapan Factory was inaugurated.

In 2017, modern retail was already very well represented in Romania. Agrosemcu shareholders see this as a good new market and a new development opportunity. Thus, they submitted the project for the diversification of the activity – installation of a biscuit and cake line. The project, worth 1,944,520 euros, will be completed in 2020. Through this project, Agrosemcu satisfies the selection criteria of the big retailers regarding production capacity and shelf life.

The building measures approximately 2000 m² and hosts 7 production lines:

  • Bread line: 3.000 breads/h
  • Cake line: 700 kg/h
  • Biscuit line: 500 kg/h
  • Cookie line: 200 kg/h
  • Artisanal line – specialties
  • Pretzel line
  • Pastry section

Currently, Agrosemcu sells bakery products, pastries, cakes and biscuits under 3 brands: Senapan, SenaDelice and SenaVit. These products are available nationally, but also for export.

From the selection of raw materials, the creation of recipes, technological processes, to the daily distribution in partner stores, all processes are carried out within the factory, using its own technical and human resources. This gives increased control over the efficiency and quality of the finished products.

Address: City: Valea Călugărească, Street: DN1 B, No. 216B, County: Prahova
Telephone / Fax: +40 244 702 590 / +40 244 702 591
E-mail: otilia.badea@senapan.ro, office@senadelice.ro
Website: www.senadelice.ro


We participate in this economic mission to identify partners to help with raw or processed raw materials of the highest quality produced in Romania.

We want to develop collaborations with distribution companies or chain stores for the Spanish and Ethnic markets.

Our company was founded in 1991.

Our main focus is cultivation, selection, baked and packaging of all types of sunflower seeds (black, white and striped), kernels sunflower, pumpkin seeds, pistachios, caju, almond and walnuts.

We are one of the main suppliers of these products to traditional and modern market in Romania and the Community market where consumers ethnic Romanians living.

Our company produces private labels of supermarkets in Romania.


We would love to develop a collaboration with you.

We can sell sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, peanuts, almonds, pistachios, caju, baked corn, sunflower kernel, pumpkin kernel, etc. The products can be baked or raw.

We process the following brands: GOLD, Djili Soy, Gilly, Gilly Gold, Djili Gold, Solei, Kiki Riki.

We proposed that in the coming years to strengthen the position we have in the market and provide market our products so that our portfolio of brands to gain market share thus be among the top 10 brands in Europe and among the top 2 of Romania. Our company is certified by: IFS FOOD, ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22000: 2005

Address: 31-35 Sinaia Street, Stefanestii de Jos, Ilfov District, Romania
Telephone: +40 751 165 383
E-mail: office@allnuts.ro
Websites: www.allnuts.ro | www.djili.ro


Fruit and vegetable canning factory

Annabela Raureni Canning Factory produces comfitures, jams, fruit in syrup (compote), syrups, pickles, vegetables for cooking, tomato based products, readymade (zacusca spreads), marmalade, natural concentrate apple juice bulk (100% apple), natural fruit juice bag-in-box packed (100% fruit), strawberry comfiture 100% fruit, plum butter „magiun” 100% fruit, hot pepper comfiture –Gourmet, red onion comfiture –Gourmet, wellness jam and comfiture (no added sugar, inulin based), portion jams 20g.

With a portfolio of over 100 products and over 40.000t manufacturing capabilities, our modern factory produces high volumes of both Raureni brand and private label. Best fruit and vegetable are handpicked for our jars, from well-verified sources. Natural ingredients, no preservatives, no colorants, no artificial flavours. Helping people around the world enjoy nature’s best, Râureni exports for Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, Israel, SUA, Canada, Cyprus, France, Australia, Suedia, EAU, Belgium, Belarus, Great Britain, New Zealand, Denmark, Saudi Arabia, Ireland, Russia, Japan, China, Greece, Moldavia, Poland, Norway.

We currently have over 140 buyers in over 24 countries. Exports and intra-communitary trade account for 15% of the company’s total sales.

Although our core ranges of products are traditional fruit and vegetable cans and bulk natural apple concentrate, we have developed some new ranges of products such as diet jams, portion jams, gourmet comfiture, and BIB packed natural apple juice.

Address: Str. Stolniceni, Nr. 49, Ramnicu Valcea, Valcea County, Romania
Telephone: +40 250 733 308
E-mail: office@raureni.ro
Website: www.raureni.ro


Apicola Costache SRL was founded in 2005 and it is located in the village Ion Roata, Ialomita County, Romania. Company activity covers acquisition, processing and distribution of honey.

Now, Apicola Costache it`s a company with 37 employees which is processing around 3000 to of honey/year and became Market leader on Romanian market and one of the most important processor of honey from Romania.

From this reason we are suppliers for most of Romanian market retailers (Kaufland, Lidl, Carrefour, Cora, Profi, Auchan, Metro, Selgros), for sweets producers, for Pharma Industry, for Hospitality Industry and also for foreign markets from Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Poland, Israel, China.

Our main products are polyfloral, linden and acacia honey, conventional or organic and is one of the best quality guaranteed by Romanian and German labs. Also ISO and FSSC accreditations for Quality control and AGRECO for BIO products, demonstrate our quality and seriousness.

We pack honey almost in all packaging solutions – from sticks of 10 grs., casserols of 20 grs. to jars, buckets or barrels.


Address: Vladica Street, no 6, Ion Roata 927150, Ialomita County, Romania
Telephone: +40 744 344 634 | +40 761 110 808
E-mail: office@apicolacostache.ro
Website: www.apicolacostache.ro


APISROM started its journey in 2005, with the acquisition and processing of honey and wax as its object of activity.

At the end of 2008, Apisrom has implemented the HACCP system and was certified according to the new standard for food safety, IFS FOOD – International Featured Standards, by TUV Austria. In the same year Apisrom obtained the H20 EC authorization, sanitary-veterinary authorization for intra-community trade.

In order to meet the needs of all categories of customers from all over the world, we also obtained ECO, Halal and Kosher certifications in 2016.

The idea of creating a range of innovative products was born from the desire to bring new products to the market and meet the needs of all customers.

In 2019, after 4 years of research and testing, we obtained a product with ideal qualities: honey cream and choco honey, a spreadable cream with a fine texture, stable over time, perfect to satisfy the need to eat a healthy and delicious sweet.


The honey taken from the beekeepers is checked both organoleptically and through laboratory analyses. Appearance, consistency, color, smell and taste are considered.

From a physico-chemical point of view, humidity, acidity, sugar content, HMF, as well as the presence of antibiotic residues are determined in our own laboratory.

Working with us gives you the following benefits:
• We can offer private labeling upon request
• Limited Edition products – with special recipe

Address: Str. Ceramica, Nr. 19, Vaslui, Romania
Telephone: +40 720 402 578
E-mail: office@apisrom.ro
Website: www.apisrom.ro


Welcome to Focșani, Vrancea.

It’s our home since 1982.

For over 30 years we have been producing poultry meat under the well-known name Avicola Focsani.

Through hard work and skill we have proudly mastered the perfect combination of novelty and tradition in order to keep up with the times and people’s tastes. This is how our new brand Ferma Vranceana was born, a bold approach in which we take the benefits of modern technology and spice them up with the warmth, passion and experience of a family business.

To make sure our chickens remain reliable, we leave nothing to chance. From state-of-the-art hatcheries, to the agricultural division that feeds birds with grain from our own farms, to slaughterhouses with the highest national and international certifications, we strive to put the highest quality products on people’s tables.

Although the world has changed and we have changed with it, we have preferred to stay in Vrancea. We find that chicken is better at home. The air of the curving Carpathians workshopuri better the birds. Many people have told us that a chicken from Ferma Vranceana tastes a bit different than other birds. Perhaps the fact that Vrancea is the area with the highest seismic activity in the country makes our chickens healthier, better trained by the tectonic plate, and therefore they taste better. Anyway, forgive us for talking so lovingly about our work but we love our job and we ar not shy to  acknowledging it.

We are a Romanian business, with tradition with stayed în the family. And sometimes this is the most important thing. Anyone can buy machinery, but soul and skill are not to be found everywhere. We assure you that you will always find skill in any Ferma Vrânceană product.
Enjoy your meal!

Address: 79 Bucuresti Blvd, Focsani, Vrancea
Telephone / Fax: +40 730 050 995
E-mail: sales@avicolafocsani.ro
Website: www.fermavranceana.ro


1994 – Born out of respect for tradition

Born out of respect for tradition, the Boromir family business has managed to offer Romanian people traditional products as well as new, innovative products, starting from a small bakery accompanied by a flourmill.

1998 – Cibin Mill
We joined Cibin Mill from Sibiu and there we created the perfect cornflower for the traditional polenta.

2000 – The Buzau Pretzels for All Tastes
We joined the wheat mill in Buzau, where we created and diversified the best Buzau Pretzels while inspired by different people typologies.

2009 – Cozonac with walnuts cream by Boromir – “Product of the Year Romania 2009”
Cozonac with walnuts cream was designated the winner of “Product of the Year Prize, Romania 2009”.

2014 – Continuous Innovation
Because we consider our customers as part of our family and because we want to fully satisfy their needs, we developed high quality products for different tastes, for traditional as well as for the modern ones.

2018 – We wish to innovate and surprise our customers with unique products and for this reason we created the collections of Exotic Cozonac, Royal Chocolate, Glazed Cozonac and Butter Cozonac.

2021 – In the same spirit, we launched the Vegan Cozonac Collection, Christmas Cake Collection and Cozonac Collection Boromir, too.

2022  – With the desire to offer our customers an exquisite taste and experience, we created the Creamy Cozonac Collection and the Cozonac Infused with Vanilla Syrup.

Boromir Brings Joy for over 29 years!

With a bakery and one mill, then two, then three, then four of each and even more…we have enlarged our family and managed to bring joy to every home in Romania as well as from abroad through innovative as well as traditional products.

Address: 2 Târgului Street, Râmnicu Vâlcea, Romania
Telephone: +40 746 014 787
E-mail: office@boromirmarket.ro
Website: www.boromir.ro


Certinvest is part of the European Food Group and is the company which performs the export activities and intra-community deliveries.

European Food has over 29 years of experience and is the company that has developed and launched the most recognized brands on the European market: Naty Wafers, Viva Chips, Viva & Olla Snacks, Jackpot, Matinela, Elit Mix, Viva Corn Chips, Rollo, Viva cereals, Burger, Servus, Favorit beers, Rienergy energy drinks, Fruttia juices. We also have products dedicated to the gastronomic field such as Regal sauces: garlic sauce, mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup as well as tomato paste and vinegar. European Food products are made with the highest quality raw materials, being checked periodically by our trained Quality Control staff.

Certinvest is also the only distributor of Scandic Distilleries company, which is one of the largest international alcoholic drinks producer. SCANDIC DISTILLERIES is the first private equity distillery built in Romania since 1989 and one of the largest and most modern distillery in Europe. It produces vodka, fruit liquors, Romanian traditional spirits, gin, sanitary alcohol, hand rub and many others, using alcohol processed in 7 columns of distillation and filtered by activated charcoal.

Working with us gives you the following benefits:
· We are ISO, IFS and HACCP certified.
· Over 200 products in stock at all times.
· We offer one of the biggest shelf life, from 12 to 18 months.
· We can offer private labeling upon request.
· Limited Edition products – with special recipe.


Address: Teatrului 1-2, Oradea, Bihor, 410020 Romania
Telephone: +40 259 407 209
E-mail: maria.miere@investcert.ro
Website: www.investcert.ro


S.C. CONTEC (former I.P.I.L.F. Tecuci), was built between 1952-1956, modernized in 1974 (with agrarian sector), then rebuilt continually (by assembling new technological lines).
The Factory was bought by Mr. Atin Levent and Mr. Suliman Aifun, and named S.C. CONTEC FOODS S.R.L., with headquarters in Afumati, Ilfov, Romania.Our mission is to offer the highest quality and healthy products with affordable prices, respecting social responsibilities and environment.

Our vision is to be a leader and international food company and ensure continuity as the first choice of the consumers with best quality of our products.

CONTEC FOODS is one of the biggest producers of canned vegetables and fruits in Romania and the largest employer in Tecuci with approximately 500 employees.

Contec Foods Resources:
Area – 172,462 m2
Covered area – 60,000 m2
Employees – 500
Warehouse – 13,717 m2

Today, Contec Foods is producing over 300 items under different brands: Olympia and Winmark, brands owned by Contec and Aro, Clever, brands produced for various collaborators or under private label.

The distribution of the brands owned by Contec Foods, Olympia and Winmark is done both through all Key Account channels and nationally with the help of zonal distributors in Romania. In the last 5 years we paid special attention to exports, we have customers in different countries, as: Spain, Italy, Germany, Greece, England, France, United States of America, Ireland and Cyprus.

In 2005, thanks to the investments that were made, Contec Foods obtained IFS (International Food Standard) accreditation, certification carried out in accordance with the audit and certification procedures of TUV NORD CERT.

The strategy of ensuring the quality, hygiene and safety of our products, as well as the production facilities, is our greatest concern and one of the most important factors in the success of our business so far. For us, quality assurance means not only excellence, but also the guarantee of a commitment to the consumer.


Address: Str. 1 Decembrie 1918 nr. 134, Tecuci, Jud. Galati, cod postal 805300, Romania
Telephone: +40 236 820 007 | +40 236 820 008 | +40 725 222 125
Fax: +40 236 820 336
E-mail: export@contec.ro
Website: www.contec.ro

Danube Research Consulting

“Danube Caviar” represents the superior quality standard of caviar at the national and international level since 1993. During all this time we have exported caviar, processed in our own authorized laboratories, to companies from: US, UAE, Europe, Singapore, Japan, etc. The quality of the sturgeons and caviar is ensured in our own aquaculture farms, they are built respecting the most rigorous international standards and use the latest technologies in the field of aquaculture. This framework allows our specialists to carry out new studies and research that lead to obtaining premium quality products. From 2021, our Horia farm and its sturgeon and caviar products are ecologically certified by Bio Austria Guaranty.

Both the products from our own production and the imported ones keep the high- quality standard that brought us success on the global market. We breed sturgeons in open systems, in low densities, with fresh water, in environmentally friendly conditions. We maintain impeccable hygiene and without using chemicals, hormones, antibiotics, or genetically modified food. We campaign for the protection of the environment and the preservation of biodiversity. As a result, our team uses renewable energy sources and the most efficient exploitation techniques of natural resources. Along with these, we are involved in conservation and repopulation projects with sturgeon fingerlings of the Danube.


  CONTACT Danube Research Consulting
Address: Loc. Horia, Judet Tulcea, Romania
Telephone: +40 722 204 144
E-mail: marilena.maereanu@danubecaviar.com
Website: danubecaviar.com

Deltaica Seafood

Deltaica Seafood is one of the largest fishing companies and fish processors in Romania since 2002. The company developed and promoted a wide range of fish products without using any chemical additives in the manufacturing process, adapting traditional and clean-label recipes.

Three of the enterprise’s products are currently certified on EU Quality Schemes; “Danube Smoked Pontic Shad”- PGI, “Tulcea Pike Roe Salad”- PGI and “Traditional carp roe salad”- TSG. The main distribution channel of the company is represented by the big retail chains on the Romanian market (Kaufland, Lidl, Mega Image, Carrefour, Selgros, Auchan).

Address: Cernica 19, Tulcea, Romania
Telephone: +40 741 157 305
E-mail: marketing.deltaica@gmail.com
Website: www.deltaica.ro

Dyandy Nuts

Dyandy brand was born from the desire to offer to the consumer a selected product of first choise, packed in the latest generation of composite materials.

From the harvest to roasting and packaging, attention to integrity and taste of our dry nuts leads the whole production process.

Our aim is to enclose in every single pack the passion of those who carefully choose the raw materia.

Our goal is to enclose a small “treasure” in every single package that can be savored at any time of the day.

Our receipe is simple: dry nuts naturally good, with genuine colors and tastes.


  CONTACT Dyandy Nuts
Address: Brasov, Romania
Telephone: +40 759 790 792
E-mail: dyandynuts@yahoo.com
Website: www.dyandynuts.it



Euro Livestock & Meat Group as a member of the company group is specially focused on import-export activities, providing fresh and frozen carcasses and a wide range of cuts. The group has recently entered in the field of livestock commerce and is already perceived as an active presence.

With 2 decades of experience, the company group has made a reliable partnership with farms and slaughterhouses in different parts of EU, where pure and crossed breeds of cattle, sheep and goats are raised by professional farmers.

The group of companies engages in:
Cutting plant
Semi-processing meat
Collecting, fattening, and keeping the livestock in quarantine in our farms
Foreign and domestic commerce of meat and livestock: Cattle, Sheep, Goat
Logistic systems, distribution, and storage at controlled temperature: -25°C to +25 °C

Euro Livestock &Meat Group is oriented on satisfying clients’ needs, by providing all market sectors with meat according to the specific requirements of each market sector, including tailor cuts, or special requests, non-typical orders, or big volumes, on regular basis.

Euro Livestock &Meat Group shows a special attention lately on Halal and Kosher meat, that he can provide with the Muslim’s communities from EU and the Middle East countries.


Address: Fantanica 36, Sector 2 , 021805 București, România
Telephone: +40 213 186 059
Fax: +40 213 186 064
E-mail: commercial@euromeat.ro
Website: www.euromeat.ro

Ferma cu Omenie

We are Ferma cu Omenie and every day we make sure that every piece of cheese tastes good and is made from the most natural ingredients, the animals are well fed and cared for, and the work of man is rewarded. We have are a family business, 100% Romanian, in the second generation.

We have been working since 1994 in Unirea a village located in the heart of Transylvania.

The cheese factory and the farm are in the same yard. We use for our products, for the most part, the milk from the cows in our yard, a milk rich in proteins and nutrients.

We make sure that the animals are neither too hot, nor too cold, that they are well fed and cared for, and they reward us with the best milk.

In 2018 and 2019 we received the Gustul Ales award from ROAliment for the best bellows cheese in Romania. In 2021 we received the special jury award for innovation in preventing food waste with our innovatively packaged bellows cheese. Also in 2021 we received the Gustul Ales award from ROAliment for the slightly salty cow’s milk Telemea chees in the fresh cheese category.

We want to make the best cheese in Romania, to continue learning, to hire the best people, experts and consultants, in order to grow and strengthen the company.

We do modern management, delivering products with tradition. We invite you to visit our stand and try our cheese. We would love to have the chance to meet retail store owners, distributors and cheese lovers, that are interested in buying good quality products from Romania.


Address: Str. Traian, Nr. 856, Loc. Unirea II, Jud. Alba, România
Telephone: +40 258 876 053
E-mail: office@delaferma.com
Website: www.delaferma.com

Five Continent

The SC Five Continent cheese factory is situated in Romania, in the heart of the Valcea region. Production began in 2001, being pioneers in the country in the elaboration of cheese made with fermented sheep`s milk. The cheese is produced with high – quality raw materials; 100% milk from sheep which graze in the region’s lush green pastures.

We manufacture one product which we categorize according to the different maturation periods.

Fermented Cheese from Pasteurized Sheep`s Milk Horezu is characterized by its unique flavor and many nutritional qualities. Perfect on any occasion: as an appetizer, dessert or a healthy snack between meals.

The cheese is made according to the European standards, the factory holds the BRC quality certificate (GRADE AA).

We are very pleased that in 2018 for the first time in Romania, a cheese factory obtained a Bronze medal, in the World Cheese Awards, the biggest cheese competition in the world. In the 2021 we repeated the performance and obtained a new bronze medal. Also we participated in another big competition: The International Cheese Awards, where we won the Bronze and the Silver medal.


  CONTACT Five Continent
Address: 12 C-tin Brancoveanu Street, Horezu – 245800, Valcea, Romania
Telephone: 0040731019805 | 0040250861292
E-mail: laura.ion@tierradevalcea.com | fivecontinenthorezu@gmail.com
Website: www.five-continent-srl.ro


Our dynamic company offers a wide range of organic high-quality honey. Our mission is to supply certified organic, healthy and flavoursome bee products, packed in elegant jars, to enhance each taster’s experience.

In order to achieve our mission, we provide only carefully selected premium-quality honey. Our honey is extracted through traditional methods, process which maintains its nutrients, high pollen content and authentic aroma, our customers getting a perfect, rich 100% organic honey. Differing from a mass production process, our certified organic honey is skilfully produced in small batches, maintaining our products’ premium quality.

Equally, we put our passion in providing the best packaging, allowing a good preservation and presentation, each jar has been carefully chosen, after a long analysis process of ergonomic and aesthetic features. In addition to distinctive content, our products have a special embossed paper for label with elegant design that mimics the slow flow of our honey and the handmade wooden lid, sculpted carefully from raw beech, enriches the jars, giving them a special hue of true artisan product.

We pack certified organic bee products in a wide range of square glass jars and we have a retail range: 150g, 250g, 420g, 500g, 1kg as well as a HORECA range: 12g paper socket, 20/40g plastic casserole, 30/40g small glass jar, 150g jar for hotel’s boutique, 2.3kg jars or 5kg plastic pail for kitchen use as well as our large acacia honeycomb frames on stainless steel display for morning buffet.

You could find out more about our company, especially after will search our website:  www.honeymanUK.uk


Address: 9 Farului Street, Galati, Romania
Telephone: +40 745 007 565
E-mail: marian.teleoaca@honeymanUK.uk
Website: www.honeymanUK.uk

Golden Foods Snacks

Golden Foods is a leading producer of Salty Snacks in Romania with over 50 years of  know-how. Whether it would be for its own brand “Elmas”, or the numerous Private Label products produced for major international players, Golden Foods takes pride in producing products of the highest standards of quality.

Its modern production facilities are
● Non-GMO
● IFS Standard
● SA8000:2014 – Social Responsibility
● Vegan  and  Gluten Free certified.

Golden Foods is your one-stop Strategic Partner.

If you are looking for a serious long-term fruitful collaboration, come and meet us.


  CONTACT Golden Foods Snacks
Address: B-dul Gheorghe Sincai nr. 1, et. 1, Bucuresti, 04031
Telephone: +40-21-331.8800
E-mail: office@goldenfoods.com.ro
Website: www.elmasnuts.ro


GRANDE DOLCERIA is a company specialized in producing and selling pastries and baked products. With a wide range of products of the highest quality, a modern factory at the highest technological standards, and a specialized and dedicated staff, Grande Dolceria satisfies the taste of the most pretentious clients.

The taste of childhood and the flavors of holiday cookies is reflected in our products in a modern factory, which operates on a high standard with a dedicated team that ensures the satisfaction of the most demanding customers by investing love and affection in fresh products.

Our products offer includes: gingerbread, biscuits, cookies, salty sticks, cereal bars, croquettes etc.


Address: Sos. Bucuresti-Ploiesti Nr. 4, Ciolpani, Ilfov
Telephone: +40 236 470 890
E-mail: office@grandedolceria.com
Website: www.grandedolceria.com

Leader International

Leader International was founded in 1994 and it is one of the biggest local producers of canned goods with a capacity of production of 35 000 tons per year.

The company owns 230 fectares of open fields and greenhouses in Teleorman, Constanta, Olt Counties and Bucharest.

Naturelo is a range of products produced from fresh fruits and vegetables that keep their flavor and taste thanks to the latest generation of vacuum and preservation technology. We have invested in machineries, automated processing lines and infrastructure. We have adapted and implemented all the quality standards required by the European Union. We chose the best fields to plant best quality seeds. We select our raw material with the same dedication and responsibility with which we process it.

All canned products made in our factory in Caracal have 100% intense aroma of Romanian fruits and vegetables and they are processed immediately after harvesting to provide freshness throughout the year.

All these and our love for nature can be found in each of our products.

  CONTACT Leader International
Address: 83 Vasile Alecsandri Str., Caracal 235200, OLT County
Telephone: +40249-511 248 | +40 767 613 187
E-mail: imiplace@naturelo.ro  |  office@leaderinternational.ro
Website: https://naturelo.ro/


The company operates in the Cheese Manufacturing industry and  is the owner of a two processing units.

One, based in Dej, Cluj county with a capacity for reception and processing of 60.000 liters of milk/8 hours,  equipped with installations and equipments, providing a complex technological process oriented for a diversified production approach to market’s demand.

The second, „Fabrica de branzeturi Țaga”- a unique unit in the world, provided with a natural cave, within the cheeses are matured in the presence of a unique bacteria.

The production is  focused on processing buffalo, sheep and cow milk.


Brine matured cheese  –  White Fine Cheese (sheep, buffalo, cow milk) is our gold  product. DLG TestService  awarded  Gold  and Silver medals  for excellent qualities of the product.  White fine cheese is a type of cheese created with greek feta recipe
Matured cheese within natural cave in Taga (unique in the world) – is a type of cheese (cow, sheep,  buffalo milk) with a creamy, unctuous texture, a special taste, strongly flavored and spicy, specific  smell. These qualities of the cheese are obtained within  the natural environment of the natural cave from Taga, in the presence of a  unique in the world  bacteria (Brevibacterium Linens) and  special conditions of temperature and humidity.
Fresh milk (buffalo, cow milk) and fresh cheeses (buffalo, sheep,  cow milk)
Acidofile Products : Yoghurt (buffalo,  cow milk),  Sour cream (buffalo, cow milk)

Lactate Somesene is permanently authorized for export with RO L 230 EC
We have  Quality  Management Systems  SR EN  ISO 9001-2015 and Food Safety Management Systems: SR EN ISO 22000:2018
Due to the internal and external trade relations  the company aims  for IFS vers.7 / International Food Standard

Address: Bistritei Str., 63D, Dej, Cluj, ROMANIA
Telephone: 0040 206037 | 0040 730123633
E-mail: office@tarina-lactate.ro
Website: tarina-lactate.ro


LTA MONDIAL SRL  is a company with exclusively private capital, founded in 1997, had as main activity the collection, primary processing and export of wool and animal skins. Subsequently, we diversified our activity by organically cultivating cereals and plants producing oilseeds (sunflower, rapeseed, flax) and producing the most natural varieties of vegetable oils.

LTA MONDIAL SRL is an important producer on the market of edible vegetable oils, along with the collection, storage, sorting, packaging and trading of wool and hides.

The basic activity for both oil and skins and wool takes place in Baia Village, Tulcea District, Romania.

The mission of our company

We aim to become the strongest and most respected agricultural company with Romanian capital. All our products reflect respect for health, family and traditions.


Through seriousness and professionalism, we want to show our partners that we are moving towards a close and beneficial collaboration, which builds trust and provides a basis for providing superior quality.

Products and services LTA MONDIAL SRL produces and sells:
-Organic cold pressed oil from sunflower seeds, loose or packaged in bottles of 0.5l and 0.75l respectively under the brand “Izabell”
-Organic cold pressed oil from “high oleic” sunflower seeds
-Organic rapeseed oil
-Organic crude soybean oil
-Cereals and oil plants
-Organic cakes from sunflower, soybean or rapeseed, with a high protein content, used as feed in animal nutrition
-Sunflower peel pellets, obtained by pressing the shells, without binders or chemical additives; is a real solid fuel with a calorific value of 3000-4000Kcal / Kg
-Conventional or Organic hulled sunflower

Quality and control

Organic agriculture verified by agronomists and carefully monitored for the processing line, so that we can deliver high quality products, adapted to the demands of complex international markets.

The company has numerous certifications, among which we mention:
-Conformity certificate for organic products, OIC code RO ECO 025
-Certificate for the management system in accordance with the FSSC 22000 standard (Food Safety System Certification)
-Certificate on food safety management system HCCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points)
-Process certificate on GMP + B3 feed safety: Marketing, collection, storage and transhipment of cereals, oil plants and mills.
– GMP + B2 feed safety process certificate: Production of feed materials of plant origin
– Kosher certificate

Logistics and storage

The company has 34 trucks, with a transport capacity of more than 1700 tons / day, own silos and warehouses that can store up to 100,000 tons, respectively multiple collection points.

Monthly production capacity

LTA MONDIAL SRL has the technical capacity to meet the requirements of export markets, so the average monthly production volume is 300,000 liters of oil and 300 tons of shelled sunflower and can increase by up to 67% in oil cases. The company is equipped with production equipment based on advanced technologies, which can increase production and thus support product demand.

Producer. Processor.

Trader An integrated process that ensures the best management of quality and flow of goods between the point of origin and the point of destination to meet customer requirements.


The company has its own website for the presentation of products and services: www.ltamondial.eu , available in both Romanian and English Language.

Address: 31 Oltenitei Str., 900702 Contanta
E-mail: office@ltamondial.ro
Website: www.ltamondial.eu


Established in 1994, Mariflor aims to preserve the traditions and recipes specific to the area to which it belongs, Transylvania, Romania.

Our passion for meat products and our skill guided us on our way and helped us grow year after year. The values that we care about and from which we have chosen not to compromise are the care for the health of our customers, through tasty and healthy products, but also the care and responsibility towards the employees.

Today we are proud of over 100 meat products, known nationally through our own shops and local distribution network, but also internationally due to the deliveries we have been making in the EU for more than 10 years. Mariflor Prodcom partners recognize the quality of products and the reliability of supply, they see us as a reliable partner, a partner that provides total and direct support, which has led to the development of partnerships.

Our participation in this fair is another chance to promote both the quality of MARIFLOR PRODCOM products and to present ourselves on the European market of the business environment.

We invite you to the Mariflor stand! We would like to get to know each other better!

Address: 56 Liviu Rebreanu Str., Gherla,  Cluj – Romania
Telephone: +40 729 071 080
E-mail: mariflor.sales@gmail.com
Website: www.mariflor.ro


We manufacture natural casings, from EU certified slaughterhouses, in our factory in Bucharest, with people that understand what means to give all the best in the process of cleaning, calibratig, selecting and packing natural casings with the same enthusiasm our old generations used to have and helped by new technoogy in this field,  in order to achieve a good product that meets customer’s expectations.

Natural casings:

  • hog casings (all calibers: from 26/28…to 44+)
    –  salted hog chitterlings, caps, fatends, afterends, stomachs,
    –  frozen pork offals (stomachs-pouch and butterfly cut,
    bladders, fat ends, nets, ears, feets and other)
  • natural sheep casings (all calibers: from 14/16…to 24/26)
  • natural beef casings (rounds, middles and caps-all calibers)
  • casseroles or small packages with natural casings for retailers (to offer people the chance to make handmade  sausages at home with their own love)

Artificial casings: collagen, textiles, fibrous, polyamide

Mixes and spices

NEW: We produce pork by-products!

Address: 14B, Oltului Street, Branesti, Ilfov District, Romania
Telephone: +40 722 236 108
E-mail: office@inocasings.ro
Website: www.inocasings.ro


Founded in 1991, with an experience of over 30 years in the confectionery market, Natural Company became one of the biggest producers of packaged cakes and cookies in Romania. Natural’s desserts’ factory has smart cutting-edge technology, operates on more than 5 modern production lines with more than 185 employees and is certificated in IFS, ISO 20000, UTZ, RSPO, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000. Natural managed to reach an impressive development in the food industry by creating the highest and safest production standards and continuously developing new products, flavours, packaging or labelling styles.

Natural Desserts’ Factory produces different types of cream &sponge cakes, pastry rolls, cookies, biscuits and snacks with a shelf life of 6 to 9 months.

Present in more than 25 countries on 4 continents, Natural reached the goal of becoming a worldwide supplier, producing and selling their products to all the business lines: Retail, Food Service or Private Label, both on their own brands and different private labels.

Natural’s range of products starts from individual products of 40-80g to family packages of 200-350g, being very diversified in types of desserts and tastes, in order to comply with all the necessities of the markets. All their products benefit of internationally recognized quality and competitive prices, aiming to spread the original, natural and home-made taste of their desserts all over the world.

Because there’s no other place like home!


Address: 110K Pitesti Street, Number, 230104 Slatina, Olt County, Romania
Telephone: +40 349 402 298
E-mail: contact@naturalcompany.eu
Website: www.naturalcompany.eu


VITAL processes walnuts kernel ano walnuts in shell for the romanian and european markets. We offer competitive and high-quality services based on a team with expertise in the field, best technology to process our products and able to respond professionally to all the needs of our customers ano partners worldwide.

VITAL supplies fresh products throughout the year due to its own bursting, packaging and storage refrigeration system.

What do we offer?

  • fresh walnut kernels all year round
  • 100% natural cold pressed walnut oil
  • nut cracking and sorting services
  • sorting services for pumpkin seeds/white and colored beans
  • packaging services (200gr-2kg)
  • nitrogen oil bottling services (250ml-500ml-1000ml)
  • fast delivery in 24 hours for Romania

  CONTACT Nel-Cris
Address: 22B Ilie Ilascau Str.,Bl D4, Ap. 18, Suceava County
Telephone: +40743917601 | +40740243913
E-mail: info@uleivital.ro
Website: www.uleivital.ro | www.vital.ro


Optimeat is an import and distribution company for food commodities, which was launched in meat trade in 2002.
The market segment in which Optimeat has been activated from the beginning is that of meat consumers, for which it ensures the highest quality raw materials.

With the growing volume of acquisitions, Optimeat has diversified its merchandise portfolio, which today includes: pork, beef, lamb, sheep,, chicken, duck and turkey, together with fish and potatoes.

In 2006, Optimeat opens its own refrigerated warehouse, equipped with modern equipment, and approved for intra-community trade and develops its own distribution network at national level.

The commercial policy of Optimeat continues the basic activity of the company-supplier of raw materials for the meat and goods industry for the commercial sector, together with new orientations, such as:

  • Starting an investment in production for refrigerated parts from pork, beef, sheep, and poultry
  • Identification of new clients, both in the country and also in European Union
  • Increasing the volume and diversity of products for the retail segment
  • Focus on new assortments of premium products and promotion on the market.

With experience and strength, with a prepared and experienced team for the field in which the field in which the company operates, Optimeat is ready to respond positively to the challenges of a continually evolving market.

Address: 36 Fantanica Str., district 2, Bucharest 021805, Romania
Telephone: +40 217 947 119  |  +40 726 300 195
E-mail: comercial@optimeat.ro  |  management@optimeat.ro
Website: www.optimeat.ro


Under Lolliboni brand , Passage food produce swirl lollipop , cotton candy , candy toys and hard candy.

Lolliboni was created to spread magic, produce, pack, and give sweet smiles. And, starting from the experience of the producer, the transformation of the desire into reality was only a step away.

Thus, the Lolliboni smile factory was born, which has grown perfectly in the position of producer of sweets and candy toys and whose products can be found today on both the national and international market.
For diversity, but also to meet the demand of partners, our products also have the licenses of children’s favorite characters: Hello Kitty, Tom & Jerry, Looney Tunes, Justice League, Unicorn, Carnaval, Conte Dracula, Smiley Faces, Sour Brain, etc.


Address: Str. Tuluc, nr. 1, Dn 26-Tg Bujor – Galati, Km. 8, Loc. Vânatori, Jud. Galati, România.
Telephone: +40 236 470890
E-mail: office@passagefood.ro
Website: www.passagefood.ro


Prutul is one of the main producers of vegetable oil and also one of the most important players in the agribusiness industry in Romania.

Prutul is a company with an integrated business model, from the distribution of inputs for agricultural production, to the purchasing and trading for all types of grains and oil seeds, as well as cereals and feedstock storage facilities for the crushing, refining and bottling factory.

Prutul owns a factory in Galați which has the longest tradition in the production of vegetable oil in Romania (since 1893) and 16 storage facilities for oil seeds and grains in the counties with the largest agricultural potential in our country.

Our commercial offer includes: Crude, refined and bottled sunflower, rapeseed & soybean oil, Sunflower and soybean meals, Sunflower husk pellets, Fatty acids.

We have a vegetable oil terminal with a loading point at the Danube River, in the Galati Commercial Harbour (the factory is located at only 2 km away from de harbour).

We export our products with commercial ship of: 6.000 tons sunflower crude oil / 5.000 tons sunflower meal.

The company holds industry-leading certifications (ISO, IFS, FSSC, FDA, Kosher, Halal), and is affiliated with some of the most prestigious organizations in the industry (FOSFA, GAFTA).

The Prutul Factory produces a full range of sunflower oils: Conventional, Mid Oleic and High Oleic (bulk or bottled – 1L, 1.5L, 1.89L, 2L, 3L, 3.78L, 5L). We market these types of vegetable oils both under our own brands and as private brands.


Address: 12 Ana Ipatescu St., Galati, Romania
Telephone: +40 236 460 677, +40 236 460 616
E-mail: office@prutul.ro
Website: www.prutul.ro


REGIU PLANT S.R.L. established in 2015, has the main activity the collection, conditioning, drying and packaging of medicinal plants, forest fruits, mushrooms and walnuts. In addition, the company offers sea buckthorn oil, made by cold pressing. Collection area: the mountain and hilly areas of Transylvania.

Situated in a nature-blessed area, the company is still small but growing, with a young and enthusiastic staff in terms of the benefits and future of herbal products, both in the form of teas and processed foods further in the form of tinctures, powders or medicinal oils.

As a result, the company continuously develops the production and processing capacity of raw materials offered by nature, and will equip itself with the latest generation of equipment and machinery so that it will soon be able to manufacture a wide range of products. Our future goal is the optimal combination of “quality-performance-price” and the focus on the production and marketing of BIO natural products in order to promote the consumption of nutrient-rich products and active substances from spontaneous flora.

Address: 7, Vasile Goldis Street, Sf. Gheorghe, jud Covasna, Romania
Telephone: +40 730 120 450
E-mail: regiuplant@gmail.com
Website: www.regiuplant.ro


At AGRICOLA, tradition goes hand in hand with state-of-the-art technology.  This is how we are able to prepare ancestral traditional recipes with  modern equipment. And our salamis still have the authentic, Romanian  taste, offering the freshness and natural fell of home-made treats.

The dry-cured salamis are the pièce de résistance in AGRICOLA’s salami  product category. We can say that they are true culinary jewels, satisfying  the most refined tastes. The quality of these specialties made AGRICOLA   the market leader for this product category. As for the complex process through which our salamis are born, it observes  the strictest safety regulations.

Address: Romania, City Bacau, Street Calea Moinesti no 16
Telephone: +40 234 571 726
E-mail: catalin.marcuta@salbac.ro
Website: www.agricola.ro


SALTEMPO is a company with long experience in processing pork, beef, sheep and poultry meat. During the years of its activity, SALTEMPO has always been concerned about the quality and diversity of its products.

Located in the southeastern part of Romania in Galati between the rivers Prut, Siret and the Danube River, SALTEMPO has developed over the years a variety of products, some of them with the source of Romanian tradition and the need to consume traditional Romanian as it once was.

SALTEMPO products include both meat products, hams, bacon, specialties, sausages, baloney, salami, frankfurters, drums and pasta, vegetable and pasta products, semiprepared grills, raw products, and chilled or frozen meat.

The products are made under four brands: SALTEMPO – freshness and flavor for everyone, SALTEMPO – delights from traditions, COSTACHE – dishes like old, APPETIT – special taste, which are registered trademarks, SALTEMPO property.

The products of SALTEMPO have a presentation and flavor specific to the Romanian tradition, wanting to satisfy the most diverse tastes and exigencies. The use of carefully selected raw materials and the last generation technological conditions give the products savor and quality.

A component of the activity is the ability to create new products, after unique recipes with natural ingredients, make consumers delight. This has attracted the attention of large commercial networks to produce SALTEMPO products under their own brands.

The way of presenting SALTEMPO products is both bulk and portioned or sliced depending on the market to which they are offered. Packaging is done under vacuum or in the protective atmosphere in casseroles or by thermoforming in various sizes, which results in the provision of extended shelf life.

The nutritional qualities of SALTEMPO products are recommended for the entire family, who will benefit from the energy needed for daily activities.

SALTEMPO has a veterinary clearance for intra-community trade RO73CE and has implemented the ISO 22000: 2005 Food Safety Management System, the Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2015 and the IFS Food Audit Standard version 7 certified by Rina Simtex – Certifying Organism.

Address: Calea Prutului nr. 87, 800205 Galati
Telephone: +40 236 406 363
E-mail: office@saltempo.ro
Website: saltempo.ro

Secretul Bunicii Production

S.C. SECRETUL BUNICII PRODUCTION SRL is a private Romanian company, active on the pastry and confectionery market since 2017.

We have a national distribution network that covers all the counties of Romania.

The company’s products meet a very high standard of quality, with rigorous tracking of the entire production workflow, only good quality ingredients being used for their manufacture.

The company’s goal is to offer its customers quality desserts, very similar to the home-made ones. We adapt traditional recipes to a semi-industrial scale, but we keep the traditional quality of the products.

We address nostalgic customers, attentive to what they eat or offer to their beloved ones. Our products represent “homemade” desserts and sweet snacks, which awaken their good memories of family warmth and safety.

  CONTACT Secretul Bunicii Production
Address: Bucuresti, sector 3, Str. Cazanesti, Nr. 15
Telephone / Fax: +40 758.239.700
E-mail: office@secretulbunicii.com
Website: www.secretulbunicii.com

Solid Food

Solid Food is part of the European Food Group and is the company that performs export activities and intra-community deliveries.

European Food has over 29 years of experience and is the company that has developed and launched the most recognized brands on the European market: Naty Wafers, Viva Chips, Viva & Olla Snacks, Jackpot, Matinela, Elit Mix, Viva Corn Chips, Rollo, Viva cereals, Burger, Servus, Favorit beers, Rienergy energy drinks, Fruttia juices. We also have products dedicated to the gastronomic field such as Regal sauces: garlic sauce, mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup as well as tomato paste and vinegar. European Food products are made with the highest quality raw materials, being checked periodically by our trained Quality Control staff.

Solid Food is also the only distributor of Scandic Distilleries, one of the largest international alcoholic drinks producers. SCANDIC DISTILLERIES is the first private equity distillery built in Romania since 1989 and one of Europe’s largest and most modern distilleries. It produces vodka, fruit liquors, Romanian traditional spirits, gin, sanitary alcohol, hand rub, and many others, using alcohol processed in 7 columns of distillation and filtered by activated charcoal.

Working with us gives you the following benefits:
· We are ISO, IFS and HACCP certified.
· Over 200 products in stock at all times.
· We offer one of the biggest shelf life, from 12 to 18 months.
· We can offer private labeling upon request.
· Limited Edition products – with special recipe.

  CONTACT Solid Food
Telephone: +40259 407 209
E-mail: export@europeanfood.ro
Website: www.europeanfood.ro

Tual Fast Change ’98

S.C. TUAL FAST CHANCE ’98 SRL is a private Romanian company, active on the pastry and confectionery market since 1998. We have a wide range of products such as: cakes, cookies, chocolate and biscuits salami, etc. To view our assortment, please visit the company website: www.doctor-fursec.ro.

We have a national distribution network that covers all the counties of Romania.

We are and have been for the past 13 years suppliers to the main retail networks in Romania: Auchan, Carrefour, Cora, Metro, Profi, Billa, Mega Image, Rewe, Kaufland both under our own brand and under their private label.

Export customers from Germany, Italy, Spain, England, Cyprus, Irak, China.

The company’s products meet a very high standard of quality, with rigorous tracking of the entire production workflow, only good quality ingredients being used for their manufacture.

The company’s goal is to offer its customers quality desserts, very similar to the home-made ones. We adapt traditional recipes to a semi-industrial scale, but we keep the traditional quality of the products.

We address nostalgic customers, attentive to what they eat or offer to their beloved ones. Our products represent “homemade” desserts and sweet snacks, which awaken their good memories of family warmth and safety.


Address: Bucuresti, sector 3, Str. Cazanesti, Nr. 15
Telephone: +40 758.239.700
E-mail: office@doctor-fursec.ro  |  export@doctor-fursec.ro
Website: www.doctor-fursec.ro