The company and also the Senapan factory were set up in 2014, from the desire to preserve past pastry recipes, so appreciated among consumers in Romania. Starting from a variety of chocolate or jelly biscuits, different recipes of creamy cakes and breads, Senapan managed to keep alive the traditional taste of the past and to accustom its clients with an undeniable quality of the products.

Starting from an investment of over 4.5 million euros in the year of its establishment(2014), Senapan currently has the most modern bakery factory in Prahova County. With a range of over 30 products and more than 100 employees, Senapan has an FDA (Food and Drug Administration) certificate and exports to the United States.
Starting with the year of 2016, Senapan is running an European project that involves the modernization of its production lines for cookies and cakes, as well as the rebranding of a part of its traditional products and not only, under the brand “SenaDélice“. Our products have already reached in more than 10 countries, and with SenaDélice we want to deliver sweet memories as far as possible, but as close as possible to consumers, by expanding the distribution network.
We invite you to visit our stand in order to enjoy the sweetest moments !

Address: str. Independentei nr.68, bl.68, et.P, ap.2 Judet: Prahova
Telephone: +40 244 702 590
Fax: +40 244 702 591


Apisrom is a Romanian private company, founded in 2005, developing as the main business the processing of bee products: honey and wax. This is carried out at a high level of performance required by the technical requirements, standards and legislation and it is executed by experienced qualified personnel.

At the end of 2008 we opened the first plant, which was designed with two distinct lines: one that processes the honey and one that processes the wax and in 2018 we inaugurated the new company headquarters with a total built area of more than 2000 mp, where we have a processing hall equipped with the most modern honey packaging facilities, laboratory and an administrative area.
Willing to come to market with new products, each year there were made investments in modern technology and there were implemented the quality management systems ISO 9000, ISO 22000, SA8000. The company supports the continuous optimization of production, in order to improve the performance of manufactured products and ensure the food safety. In our laboratory we are able to make physical and chemical analysis of bee products purchased and continuously monitor the quality of the products. Modern facilities and qualified personnel, the constant proof of competence and reliability and the quality of our products have contributed to the good name of the company in Romanian and European honey market. In order to ensure the high quality of finished products, we implemented the food safety system HACCP and we achieved ISO 22000 certification from TUV Austria.
We are present on the market with a complex portfolio of products destined to the European market as well as Romanian market of HORECA and retail. For the European market, have signed commercial agreements to supply acacia honey, linden, polyflower, sunflower, rape with companies from countries like France, Germany, Poland, Spain, Italy, Austria and Slovakia.

Address: Str. Ceramica Nr 19, Vaslui, 730233, Judet Vaslui, Romania
Telephone: +40 235 311 556
Fax: +40 235 311 556


ARTESANS del SUCRE is a Spanish family owned company founded in 1991; today is the largest manufacturer of handmade lollipops and exports their products to over 50 countries worldwide.

Since 1993 ARTESANS del SUCRE successfully exhibits the highest quality of handmade lollipops at the ISM trade fair. The company also exhibits at the ANUGA KOLN, SIAL PARIS, TUTTO FOOD MILANO, IFE LONDON, GULFOOD DUBAI fairs.
Our lollipops and candy canes are individually handcrafted and each item is hand wrapped very carefully with the best packaging material. With this we prevent damage of goods during delivery.
All our candies are made with only the finest natural ingredients, without artificial preservatives and cooked in small batches to ensure optimum freshness and quality. Our candies are not cooked with steam, the “cooking on direct fire” is our traditional and most valuable production method, which preserves and enhances flavour and taste.
Our candies are available in a large variety of flavours. Not just traditional colour combinations are available, any kind of colour combinations are available for our customers.

Address: COM. BUCU 927060, Slobozia, IALOMITA
Telephone: +40 243 206 201
Fax: +40 243 206 200


As one of the most important Romanian Biscuits, Cream Biscuits, Crackers, Pretzels and Sticks Manufacturer, CROCO has been present on the market since 1994 and during all these years established its position as a reliable manufacturer providing a broad range of quality products, promptly reacting to all current and future customer needs.

With a production capacity of 110 tons/24 hours CROCO has long experience dealing with retail chains and preparing products on monthly basis for customers abroad.
We are certificated: ISO 9001, IFS, BRC, HACCP , HALAL
Registered Mark: Since 1994 up to now the company products are sold under the mark of Croco®
Annual turnover 2017 : 32.000.000 EUR

Address: Slanicului Street no 12, Onesti, Romania
Telephone:+40 234 315 017
Fax:+40 234 315 024


Doripesco Prod – a fish farm and factory from Brasov – Romania which specializes mainly in carp and trout production and processing.

Established as a family business in 1998, Doripesco Prod is nowadays one of the biggest fish production and processing companies in Romania managing several important assets:
1. Two carp aquafarms totalizing 320 ha
2. A trout farm
3. A sturgeon farm
4. A processing factory
5. 4 retail stores
6. 3 Fish Restaurants

Doripesco Prod is the only Romanian fish company which produces traditional Romanian fish products by preserving and strategically utilizing local recipes. Our products are placed on the shelves of some of the major retail chains in Romania and our distribution network is extending rapidly.

Address: Jud Brasov, Loc Halchiu, Str. Bisericii Nr. 224, 507080 Romania
Phone: +40 268 481 581
Fax: +40 268 481 581


We started producing our selection of natural syrups back in 2002,creating different flavors and aromas for the own brands of Romanian’s most known hipermarkets as Auchan, Lidl, Carrefour, Profi, Penny Market.

Europlant International has the opportunity to offer it’s customers a widw range of syrups:
-Natural syrups
-Organic syrups
-Coffe flavored syrups
-Granita syrups and topping for cakes and ice-cream
-Cocktail syrups
Our Goal
We are open for partnerships in order to develop private brands on international market for the natural syrups as well as for organic syrups.

Address: : 6 Poiana Mare st,district 6,Bucharest
Phone: +40 745 044 101


Our enterprise is a new, dynamic company that offers a wide range of organic high-quality honey. Our mission is to supply certified organic, healthy and flavoursome bee products, packed in elegant jars, to enhance each taster’s experience.

In order to achieve our mission, we provide only carefully selected premium-quality honey. Our honey is extracted through traditional methods, process which maintains its nutrients, high pollen content and authentic aroma, our customers getting a perfect, rich 100% organic honey. Differing from a mass production process, our certified organic honey is skilfully produced in small batches, maintaining our products’ premium quality.
Equally, we put our passion in providing the best packaging, allowing a good preservation and presentation, each jar has been carefully chosen, after a long analysis process of ergonomic and aesthetic features. In addition to distinctive content, our products have a special embossed paper for label with elegant design that mimics the slow flow of our honey and the handmade wooden lid, sculpted carefully from raw beech, enriches the jars, giving them a special hue of true artisan product.
We packed certified organic bee products into a wide range of square glass jars (30g, 125g, 250g and 420g).

Address: 1A Heyshott Road, Portsmouth, United Kingdom
Telephone: +40 745 007 565


Golden FoodsSnacks is present in the Romanian market since 2009, in all important national and international chains, with both own labels and private labels, with strong distribution on Traditional Trade. Currently we manufacture, package and distribute 4 products categories: Noble Nuts, Peanut, Seeds, Dried Fruits.

Our vision, a very important target, an excellent starting point for years to come: to develop a solid business in SNACKS segment with a strong presence in the key markets, becoming the 1st Choice of our consumers, clients, suppliers and employees.
Quality is a key word for our entire organization, is what guides us in everything we do.It compresses everything: from product safety to having a variety range of attractive packaging, to dealing with customers complaints and ensuring a high delivery reliability and excellent service. We are certified with IFS V6 ensuring quality standards and procedures.

Telephone:+40 213 318 800
Fax:+40 213 318 888


GRANDE DOLCERIA is a company specialized in producing and selling pastries and baked products.

With a wide range of high quality products, a modern factory at the highest technological standards our team is specialized to satisfy the taste of the most exigent customers. We offer a full guarantee regarding hygiene and food safety principles monitoring all stages of production. IFS Food standard validates the special attention given to manufacturing process and HALLAL certificate proves that we are able to satisfy the needs of all customers all over the world.

Address: Municipiul Galati, Str.Regiment 11 Siret, Nr.48, camera 1, Bl G2, Sc.2, etaj 8, apt.78. Romania
Telephone: +40 236 449 301
Fax: +40 236 449 000


Holder Trade started its activity in 1995 as a small family business. The main activity of the company at the time of its establishment was crops cultivation and, in time, having this solid basis, the company made the leap to the next step lamb growing.

The company head location is situated in Tulcea County, in south east of Romania , Dobrogea Region.
Our company owns a farm for lamb feeding, a slaughterhouse and a cutting plant. At the moment, Holder Trade cultivates a land area of ca. 3.000 ha., area which ensures the feed ratios for the animals in our farm.

Address:Soseaua Europeana CT-TL KM.55, BAIA, County Tulcea
Telephone: +40 732 917 794


Lolliboni –where colors are sweet !Our lollipops are carefully handmade using high quality ingredients . Also by mixing our candies with small and interesting toys we produce candy toys and we offer more joy to the children.

In this way beside Middle East market we developed also European countries .This year we’ll exhibit at ISM Koln,SPIELWARENMESSE Nuremberg ,IFE London ,GULFOOD Dubai ,TUTTO FOOD Milano ,YUMMEX Dubai ,ANUGA Koln and PLMA Amsterdam.

Telephone: +40 746 089 392


Prutul is one of the leading companies in Romania in the processing of oil plants, the refining, bottling and marketing of vegetable oils.
The Prutul Oil Factory from Galati, founded 126 years ago under the name “Fleming Oil”, is the factory with the longest tradition in vegetable oil production in Romania (since 1893).

Through an extensive investment program in recent years, Prutul Company has turned this factory into one of largest and modern vegetable oil factories in the country: state-of-the-art equipment, integrated production technology, high quality standards and maximum safety, top certifications in the industry (IFS, ISO, FSSC) important affiliations (FOSFA)

Address:12 Ana Ipatescu st,Galati,Romania
Telephone: +40 236 460 677
Fax: +40 236 460 616


The Romaqua Group Borsec is a privately owned company with integral inland capital, set up in 1998, with a turnover rate of over 145 million euros. In over 19 years of activity, significant investments amounting to more than 220 million euros have been made, especially in world-class technologies and equipment, in order to obtain products of the highest quality standard.

The group has about 2,000 employees working in 6 factories in Borsec, Bucharest, Busteni, Sebes and Stanceni. The factories in Stanceni, Sebes and Borsec 2 are all greenfield projects, benefiting from the most modern technology available at that time worldwide.
The Romaqua Group is the absolute leader in the romanian mineral water market with the Borsec brand, but also on the market for soft drinks with the Giusto Natura brand. The Albacher brand is the only autohnon player in the beer industry to rank among the top five beer markets in Romania.

Address:46 Carpati street, Borsec, Harghita county
Telephone: +40 266 337 425
Fax: +40 266 337 290


We benefit from a modern production line , premium raw matter and we are actuated by the enthusiasm of a team of professionals who ensure competitiveness and the constant quality of Transilvania Nuts products and who observe every day the standards commanded by the certifications awarded.

We strive to improve the level of quality of products on the market wherein we develop our activity through the exceptional quality of Transilvania Nuts products and services and a fair price-quality ration.
Our client portfolio includes distributors and manufacturers from the food industry, a distribution network expanding on both the Romanian and other European countries’ market.

Address:46 Carpati street, Borsec, Harghita county
Telephone: +40 358 401 138
Fax: +40 3584 01 138


S.C. TUAL FAST CHANCE ’98 SRL is a private Romanian company, active on the pastry and confectionery market since 1998.

We have a wide range of products such as: cakes, cookies, pound cakes, chocolate and biscuits salami, etc. To view our assortment, please visit the company;
We have a national distribution network that covers all the counties of Romania.
We are and have been for the past 9 years suppliers to the main retail networks in Romania: Auchan, Carrefour, Cora, Metro, Profi, Billa, Mega Image, Rewe, Kaufland both under our own brand and under their private label. The company’s products meet a very high standard of quality, with rigorous tracking of the entire production workflow, only good quality ingredients being used for their manufacture.
The company’s goal is to offer its customers quality desserts, very similar to the home-made ones. We adapt traditional recipes to a semi-industrial scale, but we keep the traditional quality of the products.
We address nostalgic customers, attentive to what they eat or offer to their beloved ones. Our products represent “homemade” desserts and sweet snacks, which awaken their good memories of family warmth and safety.

Address: sos. Dobroesti nr. 14, Bl. H15, sc. A, ap. 33, cod postal 022343. Bucuresti
Telephone:+40 311 024 361
Fax: +40 311 024 361