AAylex Group, the holder of high quality CocoRico chicken meat brand, successfully integrates the system “from egg to plate”. AAylex Prod represents the slaughterhouse of AAylex Group, one of the largest and most modern facilities in Europe. We hold numerous certificates confirming the quality of CocoRico products: BRC AA grade, ISO, IFS High Level, Halal, or special SGS certification for the good practices of the integrated system management.

The integrated management system certification awarded by the SGS to our company proves that:
• CocoRico products are natural meat products, which do not undergo any other meat processing techniques upon slaughtering and cutting up chicken, complying with legislative requirements as far as the application of the particular aspects which have been audited is concerned.
• The production process within AAylex Group, both in the farms owned by the group, in companies producing poultry feed, or in slaughterhouses, is performed with:
1. Free of growth hormones
2. Free of antibiotics to enhance growth
3. Free of animal flour
4. Free of food additives
5. Free of feed additives, chickens being 100% fed on herbal ingredients, minerals and vitamins
6. Free of meat processing techniques upon slaughtering and cutting up chicken (not even meat processing techniques using substances for tenderising or maturing meat).
7. No GMOs (poultry meat is not genetically modified)

CocoRico- You are Super when you choose Healthy!

Address:Buzau, DN 2B, km.9 + 270 – Km.9 +527 Judet Buzau.
Telephone: +40 238 401 900
Fax: +40 238 401 906
E-mail: secretariat@aaylex.ro
Website: www.cocorico.ro


With an experience of more than 10 years in the field, Agrisol International RO is one of the largest companies from the Romanian food industry.

Excellency has been the main drive that led us to continuously invest in technological development, offering our customers high quality products.
Agrisol offers high quality chicken products, fresh or frozen, available in multiple packaging options,accordingly with our customers` requirements. We are also proud to provide Halal chicken products certified by the Muslim community.

Address: Boldesti-Scaeni, 38 Morii st. Judet Prahova
Telephone: +40 244 21 18 21
E-mail: office@agrisol.ro
Website: www.agrisol.ro


The company and also the Senapan factory were set up in 2014, from the desire to preserve past pastry recipes, so appreciated among consumers in Romania. Starting from a variety of chocolate or jelly biscuits, different recipes of creamy cakes and breads, Senapan managed to keep alive the traditional taste of the past and to accustom its clients with an undeniable quality of the products.

Starting from an investment of over 4.5 million euros in the year of its establishment(2014), Senapan currently has the most modern bakery factory in Prahova County. With a range of over 30 products and more than 100 employees, Senapan has an FDA (Food and Drug Administration) certificate and exports to the United States.
Starting with the year of 2016, Senapan is running an European project that involves the modernization of its production lines for cookies and cakes, as well as the rebranding of a part of its traditional products and not only, under the brand “SenaDélice“. Our products have already reached in more than 10 countries, and with SenaDélice we want to deliver sweet memories as far as possible, but as close as possible to consumers, by expanding the distribution network.
We invite you to visit our stand in order to enjoy the sweetest moments !

Address: str. Independentei nr.68, bl.68, et.P, ap.2 Judet: Prahova
Telephone: +40 244 702 590
Fax: +40 244 702 591
E-mail: office@senapan.ro
Website: http://senapan.ro


SC ALBRAU PROD SA is a pasteurized beer producer, packed at N.R.W. bottle 0,5 liters ; can of 0,5 l; Pet 2 liters, barrel KEG of 30 and 50 liters and also private labels.

The products delivery is done by our distributors as well as by the key accounts network such as REWE, BILLA, METRO, DELHAIZE GROUP, PROFI ROM.
Our company ALBRAU intends to increase the quality standards of the finished product in order to satisfy the buyer. Therefore the company is certified with:
– quality and food safety management system – International Food Safety – IFS version 6;
– environmental management system – SR EN ISO 14001:2005;
– occupational health and safety management system SR OHSAS 18001:2008.

Address: Calea Floreasca nr. 169A, etaj 4/2037, sector 1, Bucuresti
Branch: Str. Avantului nr. 20 Onesti, jud. Bacau
Telephone: +40 372 706 480
Fax: +40 234 319 052
E-mail: albrau@albrau.ro
Website: www.albrau.ro


Our company has an experience since 1991.Our main focus is cultivation, selection and packaging of all tipes of sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and walnuts.

For making full use of our products grown their industrialization began.
We are one of the main suppliers of these products to traditional and modern market in Romania and the Community market where consumers ethnic Romanians living.
Our company produces privat labels of supermarkets in Romania.
We proposed that in the coming years to strengthen the position we have in the market and provide market our products so that our portfolio of brands to gain market share thus be among the top 10 brands in Europe and among the top 2 of Romania.

Address: Str. Sinaia 31-35, Stefăneștii de Jos, Judet Ilfov.
Telephone: +40 213 527 101
Fax: +021 460 20 85
E-mail: office@allnuts.ro
Website: http://www.allnuts.ro/


Annabela Raureni Canning Factory produces confitures, jams, fruit in syrup (compote), syrups, pickles, vegetables for cooking, tomato based products, readymade (zacusca spreads), marmalade, natural concentrate apple juice bulk (100% apple), natural fruit juice bag-in-box packed (100% fruit), strawberry confiture 100% fruit, plum butter „magiun” 100% fruit, hot pepper confiture –Gourmet, red onion confiture –Gourmet, wellness jam and confiture (no added sugar, inulin based), portion jams 20g.

With a portfolio of over 100 products and over 40000t manufacturing capabilities, our modern factory produces high volumes of both Raureni brand and private label. Best fruit and vegetable are handpicked for our jars, from well-verified sources. Natural ingredients, no preservatives, no colorants, no artificial flavours. Helping people around the world enjoy nature’s best Râureni exports for Germany Austria, Italy Spain Israel, SUA, Canada, Cyprus France, Australia, Suedia, EAU, Belgium, Belarus, Great Britain, New Zealand, Denmark, Saudi Arabia, Ireland, Russia, Japan, China, Greece, Moldavia.

Address: Str. Barajului, Nr. 52, Rm Valcea.Judet Valcea.
Telephone: +40 250 733 308
Fax: +40 250 739 563
E-mail: office@raureni.ro
Website: http://www.raureni.ro/



APIDAVA s.r.l was established in 1992, by Mr. Victor Mates – general manager, having as object of activity: the acquisition, bottling and marketing of bee honey both in the country and abroad.

Shareholding is currently 100% Romanian private and 10.400.000 EURO turnover for year 2017.
50% of our turnover is from the sales on the internal market, and 50% is from the export. We export in more than 12 countries, with a database of over 40 clients (Japan, Israel, Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Spain, Poland, Holland, Singapore, Canada, SUA, Australia)
We have 52 employees today and since 2016 a new warehouse of 5.000 square meters.
The company has certifications for the quality management system according to SR EN ISO 9001: 2015, SR EN ISO 22000: 2005 and FSSC 22000: 2011.
Our supplier database is around 10.000 beekeepers from all over Romania.
Respecting the richness and nobility of this 100% natural product without the addition of any foreign substance, our experience allows us to process honey without detracting from its curative properties and authenticity.

Address: Str Gh Baritiu, Nr 32, loc Blaj, Jud Alba, Romania 515400
Telephone: +40 258 711 428
Fax: +40 258 711 057
E-mail: office@apidava.ro
Website: http://apidava.ro/en/


Apiprodex company began its operations in 2002, being the firm that set on the market the concept of ecological honey and apiary products.

The company was established for production activities, processing and export of high quality apiary products, origin from Romania.
The head office and the warehouse are located in Tîrgu- Mureş, a city placed in central Transylvania, thus facilitating better logistics and supply of the central purchasing point.
Our Organic certification program vises aprox. 120 beekeepers across the country, which means that the organic honey of over 15.000 bee colonies can be found on the European market.
The range of products that Apiprodex company can offer includes organic honey in bulk, in drums of 300 kg, of the following types: acacia, linden, poliflora and manna, but also some other apiary products, such as pollen and propolis.

Address: TARGU MURES, str Lucernei, nr 2, Jud Mures.
Telephone: +40 265 311 045
Fax: +40 265 311 045
E-mail: office@apiprodex.eu
Website: www.apiprodex.eu


Apisrom is a Romanian private company, founded in 2005, developing as the main business the processing of bee products: honey and wax. This is carried out at a high level of performance required by the technical requirements, standards and legislation and it is executed by experienced qualified personnel.

At the end of 2008 we opened the first plant, which was designed with two distinct lines: one that processes the honey and one that processes the wax and in 2018 we inaugurated the new company headquarters with a total built area of more than 2000 mp, where we have a processing hall equipped with the most modern honey packaging facilities, laboratory and an administrative area.
Willing to come to market with new products, each year there were made investments in modern technology and there were implemented the quality management systems ISO 9000, ISO 22000, SA8000. The company supports the continuous optimization of production, in order to improve the performance of manufactured products and ensure the food safety. In our laboratory we are able to make physical and chemical analysis of bee products purchased and continuously monitor the quality of the products. Modern facilities and qualified personnel, the constant proof of competence and reliability and the quality of our products have contributed to the good name of the company in Romanian and European honey market. In order to ensure the high quality of finished products, we implemented the food safety system HACCP and we achieved ISO 22000 certification from TUV Austria.
We are present on the market with a complex portfolio of products destined to the European market as well as Romanian market of HORECA and retail. For the European market, have signed commercial agreements to supply acacia honey, linden, polyflower, sunflower, rape with companies from countries like France, Germany, Poland, Spain, Italy, Austria and Slovakia.

Address: Str. Ceramica Nr 19, Vaslui, 730233, Judet Vaslui, Romania
Telephone: +40 235 311 556
Fax: +40 235 311 556
E-mail: office@apisrom.ro
Website: www.apisrom.ro


Started in 1994, Aromatics is a family owned producer of flavors, essential oils, natural colors, jams and natural juices based in Romania.

Our flavors are our main product and they can be used for the manufacture of soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, milk products, sweets and pastries. For the beverage industry we offer a variety of natural flavors (orange, grapefruit, lemon, etc), fruit emulsions (forest fruits, apple, peach, strawberry, pear, etc), colored and colorless flavors (grapes, raspberry, cherry, blueberry, apricot, etc). We also sell flavors for sweets, creams, deserts and pastries (vanilla, rum, chocolate, etc) as well as milk based products such as ice cream and yoghurt. The flavors we sell are created by us in our laboratories in Fagaras, Romania and they are tailor made for each customer taking into account their needs and budgets.
Aromatics makes high quality essential oils from locally sourced ingredients such and cognac oil, juniper oil, hops oil and many more. We are also a producer of natural colors for the food industry such as: carmine, annatto, copper clorophylin, beta carotene and others.
Through our partner company in Belarus we can supply high quality jams from a variety of locally grown fruits. The factory in Belarus has modern and highly efficient fruit presses allowing it to produce high quality natural juices.
Our products are made in our factory in Fagaras, which allows us to follow each step of production carefully and to make sure that the products meet the highest quality and safety standards. Aromatics’ constant commitment to quality and to customer service has made our products successful on the Romanian market as well as on numerous export markets such as Belarus, Great Britain, United States, Russia, Hungary and Lithuania.

Address: Str. Ciocanului nr. 3F, Fagaras 50200 Judet: Brasov
Telephone: +0268 214 211
Fax: +0268 280 580
E-mail: office@aromatics.ro
Website: www.aromatics.ro/


ARTESANS del SUCRE is a Spanish family owned company founded in 1991; today is the largest manufacturer of handmade lollipops and exports their products to over 50 countries worldwide.

Since 1993 ARTESANS del SUCRE successfully exhibits the highest quality of handmade lollipops at the ISM trade fair. The company also exhibits at the ANUGA KOLN, SIAL PARIS, TUTTO FOOD MILANO, IFE LONDON, GULFOOD DUBAI fairs.
Our lollipops and candy canes are individually handcrafted and each item is hand wrapped very carefully with the best packaging material. With this we prevent damage of goods during delivery.
All our candies are made with only the finest natural ingredients, without artificial preservatives and cooked in small batches to ensure optimum freshness and quality. Our candies are not cooked with steam, the “cooking on direct fire” is our traditional and most valuable production method, which preserves and enhances flavour and taste.
Our candies are available in a large variety of flavours. Not just traditional colour combinations are available, any kind of colour combinations are available for our customers.

Address: COM. BUCU 927060, Slobozia, IALOMITA
Telephone: +40 243 206 201
Fax: +40 243 206 200
E-mail: artesans@artesans.ro
Website: www.artesansdelsucre.com


Avastar Romania is a long-established, reputable family business, with 25 years of experience in the field, nationally and internationally recognized as a dynamic meat production company, determined to grow responsibly by supplying its customers with safe products in a reliable and a professional manner.

The main Avastar activities are slaughtering of bovine, swine and ovine; deboning, packing, storing and distribution of beef, pork and lamb; and processing of offal and animal by-products.
In numbers, Avastar is recommended by:
• A dynamic national and international supply network of over 180 clients;
• Solid customer base in 4 areas: retail, cash & carry, HoReCa and manufacturing;
• Slaughtering of 120.000 bovine and swine/year, with a production output 20.000 tons of meat products/year;
• A modern slaughterhouse with a production area of 2500 m2, equipped with industry-leading technological lines;
• 450 tons capacity of cold stores for chilled and frozen products, blast freezing facility of 10 tons/day;
• An integrated management system for food quality and safety according to the HACCP guidelines and certified for: EN ISO 9001:2015, EN ISO 22000:2005, BRC 8, IFS 6.1;
• Over 250 highly skilled employees and an annual turnover of EUR 26 million/year;
• An own fleet of over 50 specialized vehicles.

Address: Adresa Pascani, Str 1 Mai nr 72 Judet Iasi
Telephone: +40 232 719 539
Fax: +40 232 719 539
E-mail: office@avastar.ro
Website: www.avastar.ro/


Avicarvil (La Provincia), part of Carmistin companies group, represents a complex integrated system which starts from the production of cereals / mixed fodders, poultry farming, slaughter and products distribution in its own stores chain, but also through other distribution chains.

The Company is located in the immediate neighbourhood of Ramnicu-Valcea town, which grants it a central position, that allowed the development of a national distribution chain in a direction concentric to the Company location, fact which facilitates the access of our products in as many country areas as possible and at the same time, the easy access of our partners at our location.
The Company supplies a full range of refrigerated and frozen products, both for the domestic market and for our partners outside the country.
The slaughter has the licence number RO 208 EC, is certified by HACCP having in progress also other projects for the implementation of other certificates (BRC).
Due to the management team that turn to be quite competent since the company take over in 2008, Avicarvil proved a high potential, being receptive both at the market needs and requirements and to those of the end consumers.

Telephone: +40 213 611 001
Fax: +40 213 611 000
E-mail: officebaneasa@carmistin.ro


Aaylex Group, the holder of high quality CocoRico chicken meat brand, with over 25 years of experience, successfully integrates the system “from egg to plate”.

We hold numerous certificates confirming the quality of CocoRico products: BRC AA grade, ISO, IFS High Level, Halal, or special SGS certification for the good practices of the integrated system management.
Under the strict attention of our nutrition, health and growth specialists, broilers grow in large, clean and ventilated spaces. Broiler farms are equipped with the latest technology; its parameters of atmosphere indoors are automatically controlled. Broilers move freely, breathe fresh air, eat and drink high quality water unrestricted.The strictly observed biosecurity program includes a number of methods and means which aims the breeding of the healthiest, cleanest chickens; their meat contains special nutrients.From the moment they are hatched, the chickens are raised on a diet of 100% herbal ingredients, in a stress free environment.
The perfect balance between experience of more than 25 years, and innovation and high technology, together with the dedication of more than 2000 employees, makes CocoRico chicken the healthiest and tastiest choice for all ages.
The implementation of the integrated Quality, Food Safety and Environment Management System, which applies to all processes performed within the company, seeks to continuously improve efficiency and to guarantee that the company will deliver products which are safe for human consumption. We make sure that we gain our customer’s CONFIDENCE so that they can be certain that our company will consistently deliver food products which are safe for them to consume.

Address:Buzau, DN 2B, km.9 + 270 – Km.9 +527 Judet Buzau.
Telephone: + 40 238 710 414
Fax: +40 234 319 052
E-mail: officebaneasa@carmistin.ro
Website: www.cocorico.ro


Avicola Focsani is a well known company in the Romanian poultry market. With more than 30 years of tradition on the production of poultry meat at high standards, today, the immediate goals are to expand on our existing market and to confirm our position among the European producers of poultry meat.

With the best breeding, processing and distribution equipment, we believe that our products achieved already the full trust of our customers and consumers, through quality verified in time.
We believe that a poultry producer can guarantee the quality of its products only when is supervises and controls the entire production process. This is why we have an integrated production system, which means Avicola Focsani manages all the production steps, from reproduction, incubation and growth, to slaughter and transport. That’s why we extended our company sphere of activity with: vegetal division (cereals from own vegetal farms), mixed nutrition plant, reproduction farm, incubation farm, breeding farms, slaughterhouse, cold storage.
We are HACCP and International Featured Standard (IFS) certified, we aligned our self to the demands of the European markets, respecting the highest requests. Through work and capability we have proudly mastered the perfect combination of novelty and tradition to keep up with the times and the tastes of people. This is how our brand Ferma Vrânceana was born, a brave approach in which we take the benefits of modern technology and spice them up with the warmth, passion and experience of a family business.

Telephone:+40 372 712 074
Fax: +40 237 236 104
E-mail: sales@avicolafocsani.ro
Website: www.fermavranceana.ro/


AVIROM PLUS is a company with 100% Romanian private capital, as all the companies forming the Carmistin Group. We hope that through our example we will show that a dream can become reality and promote a new business model, a personal, open model and very close to CUSTOMERS.

AVIROM PLUS is in continuous process of learning and training, always wanting to be close to the needs and demands of the customers and keep in mind their suggestions.
The group of companies offer as well for the halal market live young bulls ready for slaughtering or young bulls’ carcasses certified halal. In poultry, the process of slaughtering is made in accordance with the Muslim regulation, without stunning. The process and the halal certification are made under a strict control of traceability and quality by very professional people.

Address: Adresa: Sat Frâncești, Comuna Frîncești nr. 1, Clădirea Cabina Energetica, biroul nr. 4, etaj 3, județ Vâlcea, ROMANIA
Telephone: +025 076 50 26
Fax: +4025 076 50 26
E-mail: office@laprovincia.ro
Website: www.laprovincia.ro


At Avicola Lumina we gather, sort, mark and pack eggs. We are also unparalleled when it comes to fully raising poultry and making feedstuffs for our poultry.

This is the way we manage to provide a good, healthy life to our thousands of floor-raised chickens that lay, for us and our customers, first class, fresh eggs.We encourage the clients to buy straight from the farm, reconnecting, this way, with the taste and freshness of the traditional household produce.

Telephone: +40241 251 150
Fax: +40 241 250 050
E-mail: miruna.lepadatu@avicolalumina.ro
Website: www.agricola.ro


Trading company AVI-GIIS limited liability company, with registered office in commune Mihaesti, village Stuparei, county Valcea (10 km from the municipality Ramnicu Valcea on the national road that connects Sibiu to Craiova) Region Oltenia “from under the mountains”, Romania.

In the specific activity for the production of meat preparations, cutting, packaging and retail outlet we benefit from our own authorized (L14/2014) factories laboratory within the company and from well trained staff and experienced in the field.
AVI-GIIS LLC has also in portfolio two separate units:
-Storage unit packing and repacking C 43;
-Unit handling animal by-products which are not intended for human consumption – III category RO – VL 001 – COLL/3/2014;

Address:Com. Mihaesti, sat Stuparei, Romania Judet VALCEA
Telephone: +40 0250 738 516
Fax: +40 0250 738 516
E-mail: avi_giis@yahoo.com
Website: www.avi-giis.ro


Avis Lipia represents high quality broiler growth farms, producing CocoRico chicken.Under the strict attention of specialists in nutrition, health and growth, broilers grow in large, clean and ventilated spaces.

Broiler farms are equipped with the latest technology; its parameters of atmosphere indoors are automatically controlled. Broilers move freely, breathe fresh air, eat and drink high quality water unrestricted. A balanced nutrition of the chickens provides a nutritious profile of the chicken meat. CocoRico meat is free of feed additives, chickens being 100% fed naturally, on herbal ingredients, minerals and vitamins.
CocoRico poultry meat is a natural product, free of growth hormones, free of growth enhancing antibiotics, animal flours (meals) or food additives.
CocoRico- You are Super when you choose Healthy!

Address:Com. Mihaesti, sat Stuparei, Romania Judet VALCEA
Telephone: +40 238 710 416
Fax: +40 238 710 516
E-mail: secretariat@aaylex.ro
Website: www.cocorico.ro


With its headquarters and factory in Suceava, Romania, Betty Ice was founded in 1994 by Armenean family and is currently one of the leading manufacturers of ice cream in the region.

With 23 years of experience in the field as a family business, Betty Ice factory has the latest equipment and is among the most modern ice cream factories in Europe. Today, the factory has a production capacity of approximately 100 tons per day.
The Halal and ISO 22000 standards, recognized worldwide, ensure the implementation of the best practices in food safety. In addition to their successful implementation (with TUV Rheinland certification for ISO 22000), Betty Ice strives for quality, environmental protection and responsibility towards society.
Betty Ice products are recognized for quality and diversity. The portfolio contains 40 different flavours and more than 120 individual products. All ingredients are carefully chosen and of the highest quality: Belgian chocolate, wild berries picked from the forests of Romania, pistachio paste, caramel butter, natural flavours and other.
The fleet of over 200 cars ensures the demand for 14 cold storage warehouses and for its own 200 points of purchase. Betty Ice has a total of 30.000 freezers spread throughout the country.
In 2016, Betty Ice launched the home delivery service in Bucharest. In the future, this service will be extended to other major cities in the country.
Betty Ice has exceeded the national borders, and the ice cream produced in Suceava is now exported to several countries in the region.

Address: Cernauti Street, no. 121, postal code 720089 Romania
Telephone: +40 230 520 454
Fax: +40 230 533 073
E-mail: office@bettyice.ro
Website: http://www.bettyice.ro


BOROMIR is one of the leaders of the grain milling, bakery and confectionery market in Romania.

Since 1994, the year of its foundation, BOROMIR developed and diversified its business from one small grain mill to a wide range of milling, pastry and confectionery products:
• croissants
• cakes
• yeast-risen cakes
• biscuits
• ladyfingers
• cookies
• special flours
• pretzels
The company sells its products through traditional distribution channels and its own specialized shops as well as through modern distribution channels: retail chains, cash & carry, supermarkets.
In the past 10 years BOROMIR opened new markets and sells its products all over Europe: Italy, Spain, Great Britain, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Ireland, Greece, France, as well as in USA, Australia, Canada or China.

Telephone: + 40 250 734 428
Fax: +40 25 0732 635
E-mail: office@boromir.ro
Website: www.boromir.ro


The Cosm Fan Carmangerie, one of the most important companies in the meat and meat preparation market in Cluj-Napoca, was founded in 1994 by Ștefan and Cosmin Moldovan, father and son. Over the years, the authentic taste and quality of the products generated a steady growth of the business, which led to the opening of own meat chain of stores.

In 2005, the Moldovan family decided to invest in a cattle ranch in Mociu. Here, in a healthy, balanced and natural environment they grow over 230 breeds of cows. Between 2007 and 2008, the company was rebuilt from scratch using SAPARD funds, which were mostly used towards modernization and acquiring modern technologies for the production environment. This investment has been the central pillar in the further development of the company, which led to both extending the network of stores and increasing the number of employees, as well as to diversifying the portfolio of their products.
Therefore, in 2017 Cosm Fan Carmangerie has a number of 30 stores throughout the Cluj County, having earned its place in the city’s top 100 companies, with almost 279 employees. The portfolio of its products includes 120 different specialties such as sausages, salami, smoked ham, frankfurters, marinated minced meat or freshly cut meat, naturally maturated beef or special breeds as Black Angus. In 2014, celebrating already 20 years of existence, the family business went through a complex rebranding process, bringing the concept of a meat store to the 21st century, under the name Moldovan Carmangeria Sânnicoara.

Telephone:+40 264 232 810
Fax:+40 264 232 810
E-mail: office@cmdn.ro
Website: www.carmangerimoldovan.ro/


Certivest SRL, is part of European Food Group one of the largest food companies in Europe, ISO 9001:2000, ISO 22000, HACCP and IFS certified. The fame of all products, more than 200 products, is due to an excellent quality offered at accessible prices.

Beneficiary of the latest top technology equipments, European Food produces a wide range of products: ●NATY wafers and wafer rolls available in different flavors and packages ●OLLA and VIVA sweet snacks filled with cocoa, hazelnut, vanilla and strawberry cream; ● ZOO, VIVA and CITA sweet biscuits; ●CITA salted and flavored corn snacks ●JACK POT salted biscuits; ●VIVA breakfast cereals; ●ROLLO cocoa glazed cereals; ●VIVA Chips ●STIXY salted sticks and JACK POT pretzels; ●VIVA Popcorn; ● REGAL ketchup, tomato paste, mayonnaise, mustard, garlic sauce, vinegar; ● PASTA DI’TALIA; ●BURGER, SERVUS, FAVORIT beers; ●RIENERGY energy drink ● FRUTTIA natural juices.
The food business is a dynamic business, with consumer tastes ever evolving. We have a continual innovation program, and a flexible approach to manufacturing. Our aim is to be one step ahead of the game, and work with our customers to create added value across all food categories.

Telephone: + 40 259 407 209
Fax: +40 259 407 209
E-mail: export@europeanfood.ro
Website: www.europeanfood.ro


CompaniaIndiilor Orientale , founded in 1995, is one of the leading importers, manufacturers and supplier of spices, pastry and baking ingredients, seasonings, herbal teas, salt and other food products on Romanian consumer packaged goods market.

We are manufacturers of our own brands, CIO and Dora, and suppliers of Private Labels mainly for International retail chains.
We design innovative recipes and packing solutions, creating new flavors that combine the carefully selected raw and packing materials with our skills, imagination, expertise and technology.
According to our customers demand we also create customized recipes and packages and we offer full services in sales, marketing and logistics.
Our company is IFS, ISO 9001:2008 and BSCI certificated.

Address:Pantelimon, Str.Cernica nr.81Judet ILFOV
Telephone: +40 213 517 946
Fax: +40 213 514 972
E-mail: adriana.toma@cio.ro
Website: www.cio.ro


SC DOMA SRL is a privately owned company established in 1995, registered with the Trade Registry under the number J07 / 141/1995, having the fiscal code RO7276241, being situated in Cătămărăşti Deal, Nr.725, M. Eminescu Village, Botosani County, Romania.

The specific activity ofSC DOMA SRLis the production of husked wheat and expanded cereals obtained from husked wheat with addition of flavors and food colorants. The employee staff is highly qualified having a long-term work experience.
SC DOMA SRLis involved in obtaining high quality food , having implemented IFS FOOD version 6 in April 2014.
The company opened its new headquarters, which consists of production, storage, auxiliary spaces, disposed on 3 levels GF + 1 + 2,(ground floor, 1st floor, 2nd floor), with an area of 3600 sqm, 6000 sqm of concrete yard and a staff of 40 of people. The capacity of production is 300 t / month, the technology used has been fully upgraded.
Among the notable clients at national level we mention: Profi Romania, Lidl Discount Romania as well as distribution parteners in all the counties of the country.

Address: Village Catamarasti Deal ,county Botosani, Romania
Telephone: +40 231 517 075
Fax: +40 231 517 075
E-mail: office@domabt.ro
Website: www.domabt.ro


The company DRY FRUITS TRANSILVANIA was founded in May 2015 out of the passion and the desire of our entire family to create Romanian products that are organic, authentic and that satisfy the demands and needs of the consumers all around the country and abroad.

The main activity of the company is shelled walnuts processing.
Starting with the collecting, sorting, drying and packing activity, our products undergo a process requiring time, patience and perseverance.
The seriousness, quality and commitment of our entire team provide the products a significant added value guaranteeing our customers a great collaboration for an indefinite period of time.
The shelled walnut, the main product of our company, DRY FRUITS TRANSILVANIA, is picked up from wild trees which have grown in their natural way. It means that those trees have never been treated with banned chemical products, neither fertilized. The trees were not planted using technical equipments; furthermore, the orchards preserve old types of trees, that constitute an ancestral cultural genofond.

Telephone: +40 744 921 655
E-mail: transilvaniaorganic@gmail.com
Website: dryfruitstransilvania.ro


MINI BREZEL brand is a registered trademark of Dunicec Com SRL starting with 2008, when it was taken over from the initial manufacturer. Our MINI BREZEL is the first pretzel of its kind produced in Romania.

Mini Brezel with poppy, salt or sesame are produced by an original recipe, meeting all international quality requirements for this kind of product.
After factory modernization, we introduced to the market, besides pretzels, new products – Mini Stiks, Mini Biscuits, Crackers&Brezel Party Mix, Chips – and a variety of packaging solutions. One year ago we obtained IFS certification for our products.

Address: str. Tecuciului 3, 600391, Bacau
Telephone: +40 234 581 581
E-mail: office@minibrezel.ro
Website: www.minibrezel.ro


We are the biggest consumer eggs producer in Romania: over 360 million eggs a year, produced by over 1 200 000 hens, fed with cereals from our own Mixed Fodder Plant, distributed in all Romania counties.

The company’s products are available on the shelf under the brands Familia Toneli and Ovital. The product portfolio includes white eggs and brown eggs, delivered in cardboard and plastic casserole; the eggs distributed by Toneli Holding can be purchased from the shelf in packs of 4, 6, 8, 10, 15, 20 and 30 eggs.
The production and distribution processes comply with the legislation in force and meet the requirements of the quality-environment-food-management systems (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, IFS Foods). The finished product, the egg, is of superior quality, especially due to the involvement and responsible dedication of the team of over 500 people, including veterinarians, engineers, nutritionists, technicians.
We are an innovative company, proud of our products like:
-Familia Toneli Free range eggs – from hens which have acces in plein air and can enjoy sun and grass.
-Familia Toneli Kids eggs – GMO free – from hens raised on the ground, fed with genetically unmodified cereals; Extra-fresh – until the 9th day after laying; they naturally contain vitamins A, B12, E and Omega 3.
-Ovital Selenium Free range eggs – strong immunity eggs, enriched with Organic Selenium, which protects our body against diseases, acting as an antioxidant; helps to regulate blood pressure and maintains the immune system healthy.
-Ovital Omega 3 Free range eggs – strong heart eggs, Omega 3 source – essential for proper functioning of the cardiovascular system and nervous system.

Address: Baneasa Business & Technology Park,Nr 42-44, Bucharest / Ploiesti Av.Building A, 3-rd Floor, District 1, Bucharest Romania
Phone: +40 213 610 531
Fax: +40 213 610 530
E-mail: office@toneli.ro
Website: www.toneli.ro


Unilact Transilvania was established in 1994, under the name of Unichim SRL. It is a privately owned company, a family business.

In the next years, investments followed in agriculture, zootechnics and then milk industrialization.
The dairy began its activity in May 2004 with about 10 employees and 3000 liters of milk processed per day.
Since 2006, we have implemented a food safety management system and the answer came immediately in improving the quality of our products and the factory organizational changes. This was the means to be able to focus on quality and customer satisfaction.
Soon, the milk processing activity has become one of the most important within the company. In 2008, in the dairy, there were being processed about 10000 liters of milk per day, therefore improving the quality of the products, we managed to widen the range of cheeses Unilact.
Now, we produce aprox. 2 tons of cheese every day and we are proud to have become specialists in making Bellows cheese (Branza de burduf).
Thus, Unilact Transilvania has four activities defined and managed separately: the dairy, growing animals (cows and sheep), vegetable farming and commerce, distribution.
We produce various types of cheese: Bellows Cheese, White Cheese in Brine and Cottage Cheese.
Unilact Transilvania manages two farms consisted of cows and sheep – ~380 cows and ~1000 sheep.
Another field of activity is agriculture – we work ~1000ha of land – part of the land is owned and another part is leased.

Address: Str. TRAIAN Nr. 856 Unirea, Jud. Alba
Telephone:+40 258 876 053
Fax:+40 258 876 445
E-mail: office@delaferma.com
Website: www.delaferma.com


Five Continents was established in 1993,the main activity of the company is the production of high quality dairy products.The company produces in a very well equipped factory different kinds of products like Kashkaval and white cheese from Sheep,Goat and cow milk,fresh ESL skimmed and whole milk packed in PET bottle,yogurt,Kefir,Sana,sour cream and so on.

Our products are exported mainly to Middle East,Europe and USA.
We produce and sell under our own brand and private label.
Our personnel is well trained and dedicated .

Address: Str Abatorului,comuna Rachiti, jud Botosani, Romania
Telephone:+40 728 320 112
Fax:+40 250 861 295
E-mail: fcc@fivecontinents.ro
Website: www.fivecontinents.ro


Our enterprise is a new, dynamic company that offers a wide range of organic high-quality honey. Our mission is to supply certified organic, healthy and flavoursome bee products, packed in elegant jars, to enhance each taster’s experience.

In order to achieve our mission, we provide only carefully selected premium-quality honey. Our honey is extracted through traditional methods, process which maintains its nutrients, high pollen content and authentic aroma, our customers getting a perfect, rich 100% organic honey. Differing from a mass production process, our certified organic honey is skilfully produced in small batches, maintaining our products’ premium quality.
Equally, we put our passion in providing the best packaging, allowing a good preservation and presentation, each jar has been carefully chosen, after a long analysis process of ergonomic and aesthetic features. In addition to distinctive content, our products have a special embossed paper for label with elegant design that mimics the slow flow of our honey and the handmade wooden lid, sculpted carefully from raw beech, enriches the jars, giving them a special hue of true artisan product.
We packed certified organic bee products into a wide range of square glass jars (30g, 125g, 250g and 420g).

Address: 1A Heyshott Road, Portsmouth, United Kingdom
Telephone: +40 745 007 565
E-mail: marian.teleoaca@honeymanUK.uk
Website: www.honeymanuk.uk/


GERMINO is a private owned Romanian company, founded as a company in 1991, but its roots are deep; it was there from 1914.In 2014 , we celebrated 100 years of existence.

Our mission is to provide customers with excellent products obtained from natural ingredients and recipes adapted to global trends in food.
We are an integrated system that we operate bakery production facilities in locations situated in the Romania.
The main production activities undertaken by us are:
-Production of biscuits (sugar, gluten)
– Production of industrial confectionery (rolls, cookies, cakes, muffins)
-Production of pasta (vermicelli and noodles)

We’d love to tell a great story of wheat grain, story that was born here in GERMINO, but,better, we invite you to discover yourself by visiting our website at www.germino.ro
And to convince you of the power that we represent and we are proud to address a warm invitation to meet us with your presence here, at home, at GERMINO in ROMANIA.

Address: Str. Ion Creanga nr 1,Alexandria, Judet Teleorman
Phone: +40 247 311 727
Fax: +40 247 312 213
E-mail: office@germino.ro
Website: www.germino.ro


Golden FoodsSnacks is present in the Romanian market since 2009, in all important national and international chains, with both own labels and private labels, with strong distribution on Traditional Trade. Currently we manufacture, package and distribute 4 products categories: Noble Nuts, Peanut, Seeds, Dried Fruits.

Our vision, a very important target, an excellent starting point for years to come: to develop a solid business in SNACKS segment with a strong presence in the key markets, becoming the 1st Choice of our consumers, clients, suppliers and employees.
Quality is a key word for our entire organization, is what guides us in everything we do.It compresses everything: from product safety to having a variety range of attractive packaging, to dealing with customers complaints and ensuring a high delivery reliability and excellent service. We are certified with IFS V6 ensuring quality standards and procedures.

Telephone:+40 213 318 800
Fax:+40 213 318 888
E-mail: loredana.meligy@goldenfoods.com.ro
Website: http://goldenfoods.com.ro


GRANDE DOLCERIA is a company specialized in producing and selling pastries and baked products.

With a wide range of high quality products, a modern factory at the highest technological standards our team is specialized to satisfy the taste of the most exigent customers. We offer a full guarantee regarding hygiene and food safety principles monitoring all stages of production. IFS Food standard validates the special attention given to manufacturing process and HALLAL certificate proves that we are able to satisfy the needs of all customers all over the world.

Address: Municipiul Galati, Str.Regiment 11 Siret, Nr.48, camera 1, Bl G2, Sc.2, etaj 8, apt.78. Romania
Telephone: +40 236 449 301
Fax: +40 236 449 000
E-mail: office@grandedolceria.com
Website: www.grandedolceria.com


Kalpo Company is privately owned Romanian company, the main activity is the production and packaging of herbal and fruit teas, green tea and black for domestic and foreign markets.The company was founded in 1992, while accumulating a rich experience, with a management team well trained and qualified personnel.

The company was founded in 1992, while accumulating a rich experience, with a management team well trained and qualified personnel.
For your information .:
-We have own factory near Bucharest.
-This year the 25th anniversary of our company.
-The 15% of the retail market.
-We have own tea recipes developed in our factory.
-Our portfolio are over 150 teas.
-We produce certified quality system ISO, FSSC and Bio.
-Exported to over 15 countries (Germany, Spain, Italy, Hungary, China, USA, UK, Canada …).

At this event we want to promote a range of teas and herbal mixes segment Horeca (hotel, restaurant, cafe) presented in three versions:
-Full range of tea for breakfast.
-Tea infusions (bulk) present in the round box.
-Range Grand pack, packed in tea bag infusion size 4g /pack.
-Range Pyramid pack, packed in pyramid tea bag infuzion size 2.25g/pack.

Besides the above we made teas for supermarkets, pharmacies and health stores, for more information and to view products please visit our website.

Address:Com. Pietroasele, Nr 500.Judet Buzau
Telephone:+02 125 30 383
Fax:+02 12 520 073
E-mail: export@vedda.ro
Website: www.vedda.ro


Angus beef cattle, Romanian natural grasslands and Swiss expertise – these are the first-rate trademarks of Karpaten Meat Group Romania. We produce top-quality beef from Angus cattle that we breed on unfarmed Transylvanian grasslands.

The purpose of Karpaten Meat Group is to lay the foundation of a premium Angus beef production network.
We have set the tone for the Angus beef business in Romania. Join the largest Angus network and become our partner. Top Angus genetics is developing together with Karpaten Meat.

Premium Angus beef starts on Transylvanian grasslands. Our beef is obtained in a natural and healthy way, from Angus cattle reared in a low-stress environment. The entire production of beef is fully controlled, from calving to beef delivery to our customers, therefore enabling complete traceability.

High-quality beef begins with top genetics, and along the entire production process we aim to develop the quality of our beef. Quality development is implemented from calf birth, calf being suckled by its mother for up to 7-8 months, extensive free-range grazing, natural forage produced on the farm during winter, and fattening forage recipes carefully selected according to the principles of sustainable farming. What makes Angus beef special is its degree of marbling, tenderness, juiciness and unique taste. On our farm we achieve all of these by carefully respecting all stages of production.

Address:Str. Principală fn – Fermă, 557135 Marpod/Sibiu
Telephone:+40 374 941 646
Fax: +40 269 232 977
E-mail: beef@karpaten-meat.com
Website: www.karpaten-meat.com


Kosarom S.A., producer of meat and meat product, is the basis on which the group of companies with the same was created. Next to Suinprod and Avi-Top it ensure an integrated process of production.

The pigs from Suinprod ans the chicken from Avi-Top are row materials for Kosarom meat products. Thus, traceability is assured throughout the entire production cycle.
Production capacity. Slaughtering: 800 pigs/ 8 h.; Carving 50 tones/2 x 8 h.; meat products: 50 tones/day.
Kosarom produce over 80 varieties meat products. Offer export products: Sausages, Salami, Dry and boiled products, Hams, Baloney, Frankfurters, Pork and chicken specialities, Romanian Traditional Products. Grill Products. Kosarom stands out as a responsible processor, interested in quality and safety, respecting the highest production norms and EU standards in the meat and meat products market from Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Spain, France, Greece, Cyprus and other European States.
Certifications: : EN ISO 22000: 2005; EN ISO 9001:2008; EN ISO 140001: 2005.

Address:Str. Abator, Nr. 65; Pascani; judet : Iasi
Telephone: +40 23 2765 070
Fax: +40 232 765 389
E-mail: kosarom@kosarom.ro
Website: www.kosarom.ro


Lidya Walnuts is one of the biggest Walnut Processing & Trading Company in Eastern Europe located in Romania, Argeş County.

Lidya Walnuts’s facility was established in Romania in 2007 and continued to increase its production capacity and quality standards with the new investments every year.
In the production process, the raw materials (walnuts in shell) are washed, dried, calibrated and then cracked by our custom made cracking machines. After high-tech optical/laser sorting, the handpick selections follows, and finally our walnut kernels packed and ready to be delivered.
Our Certifications:
• Quality Management System 9001:2015
• Food Safety Management System ISO 22000:2005
• Ecocert Organic Certification
• FSSC 22000 Version 4
• Kosher
• Lidya Walnuts exports more than 20 countries worldwide, mainly to E.U. and USA.
Our main products are listed below, both Organic and Conventional:

• Walnut Kernels Light Halves
• Walnut Kernels Light Quarters
• Walnut Kernels Light Small Pieces
• Walnut Kernels Light Amber
• Walnut In Shell
• Residual products: shells and oil stock.

Address: Str. Calea Campulung, Com. Maracineni NR579A Argeş Romania 117451, Judet Argeş
Telephone:+40 248 610 400
Fax:+40 248 610 601
E-mail: info@lidyawalnuts.co
Website: /www.lidyawalnuts.com


The story of AquaVia begins in Sequoia Valley, Carpathian Mountains. This area of breathtaking nature was formed following 145 million years of volcanic eruptions. Here is where we bottle one of nature’s best kept secrets.

AquaVia provides nature in its purest form while it supports better hydration and performance.
With a natural high ph of 9.4 and naturally enriched with sodium bicarbonate and other vital minerals AquaVia ensures optimal physical and mental performance and maintains a healthy fluid balance.
Bottled at the source, exceptionally pure and rich in antioxidants, AquaVia is the superior choice for today’s consumer.
Moreover it was awarded the Superior Taste in 2018 by the prestigious International Taste and Quality Institute.

Telephone: +40 261 768 4811
E-mail: office@man-ro.eu
Website: www.sammills.eu


We tried to combine in MARCEL products all your childhood memories. The smell of the old caldron, the enticing aroma of the tender meat and garden vegetables, revive trough their taste our numb feelings from our babyhood universe. In 1991, in north-eastern Romania, in an area blesses by God and nature, took life a little meat workshop, where few people worked, which produced three types of luscious meat products.

It was the beginning of a grand business.
Currently, that little workshop grew up and turned into a group of factories, a swine farm and many own stores that share everyday with joy our goodies, both here and to people abroad – in England, Cyprus, Italy or Spain –people, that miss their homes, families, revived by the flavour of the traditional Marcel products.

Why do all Marcel products keep their traditional flavor and savor unchanged over the time?
The secret of the taste comes from the pigs that grow in our own yard, who are fed up only with grains from the lands of Moldova. In fact, the natural spices that we use, lead to a variety of tastes – from the traditional one to the delicacies for exquisite tastes, that go well with the related vegetable products, which we proudly call “GOSPODINA”( The Housewife).
Vegetable products ”The Housewife” are also prepared traditionally just like in times of our precious grandparents. These ingredients and passion of people who are working make from MARCEL products A FEAST FOR THE TASTE.
Looking for quality? QUALITY is our middle name!

Telephone: +40 232 732 470
Fax: +40 232 732 470
E-mail: marcel@marcel.com.ro
Website: www.marcel.com.ro


Looking back at the development of our range of products over time, we see that after first producing raw sliced meat and minced meat, generally, we slowly, started to make semi-smoked meats, fresh meats and hams.

At present, we create eight group of products with more than 100 assortments, which cover a very diverse range of taste, and combine traditional recipes with modern ones.
Wishing to diversify even more our offer, Mariflor employs product and technology research activity so that we can easier respond to the wishes of our clientele.

Address:Str. Liviu Rebreanu, nr 56, Gherla, Judet Cluj
Telephone:+ 40 264 241 937
Fax:+40 264 279 95
E-mail: mariflor.sales@gmail.com
Website: www.mariflor.ro


MATIAS SRL is a completely private owned company, one of the largest snacks producers from ROMANIA, located in ONESTI city, county of Bacau.

The Corn Flips production started in 2006, under the BUGGY brand, when Matias decided to focus its attention in meeting the needs of the little ones and also of the big ones, with a unique taste product, which they would love and wish for them all the time.

Our range of products includes, beside the classic corn flips with salt, a large variety of flavors: pizza, cheese, ketchup and paprika, corn flips with powder milk, or our specialty desserts chocolate coated or with yogurt, strawberries and cocoa, that satisfy even the most demanding tastes. For kids delight we offer the corn flips bags with mini-surprises inside, mega or xxl surprises for boys and girls.

Our main concern is to offer best quality products and therefore we have set focus both on the quality ingredients, GMO free, and on a modern, high-tech production line. Our organizational vision is geared towards developing an automated factory with state-of-the-art technology and our mission is to develop an efficient and professional production and distribution system,

Address:Adresa str. Uzinei, nr. 16, Onesti, Judet Bacau
Telephone: +40 234 318 881
Fax:+40 234 310 333
E-mail: office@matias.ro
Website: www.matias.ro


Sc Miadmar HDP Srl is a company established in 2002 and it’s specialized in processing and merchandising fish and fish products. It’s a family company with tradition over 100 years and it follows the rising of the Danube Delta’s tradition in the world.

The products are realized from fish captured by Miadmar Fishing from Danube Delta and the Black Sea and it makes a sustainable production bond – beginning from the fishmen, to processing, after to the consumer with the purpose to support the fishing communities, the natural and healthy fish tastes.
The products are marketed by trade-name Deltaica – Healthy Traditions and Miadmar , some with BIO specificity, others with Traditional Product specificity or products with Protected Geographical Indication.
The secret of the smoked products lays in the old method of cold smoking by burning hard wood (linden wood). The smoked pontiac shad is our “princess” product, is a seasonal product and as we know the pontiac shad is the fattest fish in the world at his dimension, having over 20% fats , rich in Omega3 and Omega 6, fact which it offers taste and unique qualities.

Address: Str.Viticulturii, Nr.2, Tulcea, Romania
Telephone: +40 729 995 529
Fax: +40 240 517 760
E-mail: contact@miadmar.ro
Website: www.miadmar.ro/


Established over 75 years ago as a fruit and vegetable processing company, Arovit proudly carries on the tradition and history of a brand present every day in the customers’ lives through a variety of products: jams and fruit preserves, nectars, tomato products, vegetable and meat dishes, dietetic jams and nectars, and products destined for pastries.

Always looking to bring in front of our customers food they will enjoy and savor, Arovit was built around consistent quality and great taste. Those same values still hold true today. That’s why we take great pride in selecting and preserving only the finest ingredients grown by ourselves or local farmers, as well as using traditional recipes that preserve all the flavor and properties of the ingredients used.
At Arovit we rely on the quality of the fruits and vegetables that we grow, the recipes that we use, as well as our passion and determination of bringing the Arovit flavor in stores and homes throughout the world. This is core to how we make food.

Address:Cluj Napoca, Str. Teodor Mihali 39-43 Judet: Cluj
Telephone:+40 264 274 156
Fax:+40 264 274 157
E-mail: office@mibprodcom.ro
Website: www.arovit.ro


Monceanu Inocaings Company has emerged in the food market as a promising response to customer needs, which has involved offering quality services, professionalism, and creating an optimal climate for business partners.

Our experience over 2 decades in the processing and sale of natural and artificial membranes originates in the 100% Romanian family business, Inorogul Impex, built by the Monceanu family in 1994.
Our focus is on the processing and marketing of natural membranes (hog, sheep and beef) and we address all sausage producers and natural membrane distributors all over the world.
The results of our vision have brought us excellent results, our company currently having over 50 foreign business partners, covering all Europe, but also developing partnerships with other continents like as Asia, Africa or Latin America.

Telephone:+40 722 236 108
Fax:+40 374 093 085
E-mail: office@inocasings.ro
Website: www.monceanuinocasings.ro


Natural Company was founded in 1991, with an experience of over 24 years in the confectionery market, we have over 150 employees.

It is one of the largest producer of cakes and cookies with shelf life for more than 6 months, in Romania, we have IFS certificate.
Is the supplier to all retailers both in Romania and in Europe: Kaufland, Auchan, Carrefour, Cora, Metro, Profi, Tesco, Aldi, Monolith, both on our own brand and the private label, we develop business on two continents in over 14 countries.
Our range contains over 40 products, packed in different weights: 80g, 300g, 400g, and our products benefits of internationally recognized quality and competitive price.
If you want to feel the taste of home, taste our cakes.
Some of our products are: Tiramisu, Lemon Taste Fine Cake, Vanilla Flavoured Cake With Cocoa, Ambassador Cake, Domino Cake, Chocolate Taste Cream Fine Cake, Milk Biscuits, Puff Pastry Roll With Vanilla Flavoured Cream/With Cocoa Cream, Jam Pastry Rolls, Biscuit salami with Turkish delight and raisins, Shortbread cookies with raisins and butter.

Address: Slatina, Cireasov Street, Number 12, Olt County
Telephone: +40 349 402 298
Fax: +40 249 410 450
E-mail: export@prajituri-accasa.ro
Website: www.naturalcompany.eu

NEGRO 2000

We are a private company with 100% Romanian capital, established in 1993 in the field of processing and preservation of fish and fish products.

We are offering our clients a diversified range of fish roe salads, raw salted roe, smoked fish specialties, marinated fish, fish salads and frozen fish using our trademarks – “NEGRO 2000”, “GASTRONATURA”, “PIATA DE PESTE”, “GUSTUL CALITATII”, etc.
From them, “GASTRONATURA” represents the “PREMIUM” range, including pike roe salad, carp roe salad, carp and pike roe salad, smoked salmon fillet, smoked Alaska salmon fillet, smoked mackerel and, more recently, a diversified range of barbecue dishes.
NEGRO 2000 is market leader in Romania since 1999, our business beeing suported by almost 250 employees and an extensive car fleet that ensures the necessary conditions for the transport of our products all over Romania and in many European countries.
Our products are present in Europe in countries like Italy, Spain, UK, Germany, France, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria, etc. and we colaborate with retail chains such as Kaufland, Carrefour, Selgros, Auchan, Metro, Cora and more.

Address: 136 Metalurgiei Blvd, Bucharest, Romania
Telephone: +40 21 460 26 36
Fax: +40 21 460 20 85
E-mail: sales@negro2000.ro
Website: www.negro2000.ro/


Optimeat is an experienced company which has been present in the meat market since 2002 who deals with all range of fresh and frozen pork, beef, mutton, chicken and turkey and is concentrated to expand the range of Halal and kosher carcasses and sides which commercializes as well.

Today Optimeat is extending its commerce in livestock. We have very solid and long term cooperation with farms all over Romania where pure and crossed breeds of cattle, sheep and goat are carefully raised by experienced and professional farmers.
We are able to provide our customers with fresh and frozen carcasses, and the whole range of cuts could be produced in our own cutting plant and be packed in our packing unit, according to our clients’ requirements.
The packing and labeling that we can provide our clients with, meet the European Union regulations, also can be adapted as per particular needs.

Address:Fantanica 36, sector 2, Bucuresti
Telephone:+40 213 186 060
Fax:+40 213 186 064
E-mail: office@optimeat.ro
Website: www.optimeat.ro


Founded in 1994, Orlando Import Export 2001 Company comes from a passion and a careful research of the owners to find the entire genuine and authentic flavor around the world.

As a result, we obtain outstanding products offered daily to the clients. Our activity is to processing and packaging dried fruits, nuts and snack products, spices and products for pastry.
We are market leaders in the field of dried fruits and one of the leading operators in the field of seeds and oleaginous products.

Address:Sos. de Centura nr.5, Com.Clinceni, cod 077060, Judet ILFOV.
Telephone:+021 351 455 758
Fax:+021 351 45 59
E-mail: office@orlandos.ro
Website: www.orlandos.ro


Pambac SA is a national leader on the Romanian market of pasta and one of the most important companies in Romania in the milling, pasta, bakery, pastry and confectionery products and with a tradition dating back to 1968.

Pambac SA has set out the mission to give people healthy and tasty products manufactured using the most modern technologies in the field, in an integrated management system for quality, environment, food safety and security certified by TÜV Thüringen Germany.
Pambac SA has implemented and currently keeps quality integrated system which guarantees client and consumers a constant quality and safety of the products. The products made by Pambac SA are in accordance with SR EN ISO 9001:2008, SR EN ISO 14001:2004 and FSSC 22000, certification of the management system of quality, food safety and environment.
Pambac SA sells its products under the brands Pambac, Grania, Gata, Ciao Pasta on the Romanian market and in countries from Europe, Asia and Africa.

Address: Calea Moinesti no 14, 600281, Bacau, Romania
Telephone: +40 234 517 400
Fax: +40 234 513 096
E-mail: office@pambac.ro
Website: www.pambac.ro


PAN FOOD SRL, a 100% Romanian company, wich produces a wide range of sugary products, being one of the few companies from Romania of this kind.

The company was founded in 2001 and its first step was to the Romanian market, where we are present with the entire assortment, collaborating with large food distributors. We then decided to conquer the foreign market, managing Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Belgian, English and even Arab (UAE) very well.
By combining successfully the values of tradition with the innovative ideas of the present, Pan Food has created a wide range of products that definitely keep up with the quality and diversity of products in this field.
Products can be divided into 3 major categories:
1) Chocolate home “BATONUL COPILARIEI” – is a traditional Romanian product, manufactured 90% manual
2) NUGA “CINDREL” with different flavors and fillings (nuts, peanuts, berries, cocoa and cocos)
3) SUREANCA – made from pandispan with different creams and flavors. In this category we can include LICA Cakes with Wafers, and Salami Biscuits.
The “Childhood Bar” and “Nougat Cindrel” product ranges are found in the Auchan, Metro, Selgros, Rewe, Cora networks.
Trademarks Pan Food SRL: Sureanca, Dorothea, Batonul copilariei and Nuga.

Address:Comuna Sura Mica, Parcul Industrial nr. P2, judet Sibiu
Telephone:+40 269 577 188
Fax:+40 269 577 189
E-mail: secretariat@panfood.ro
Website: www.panfood.ro


Lolliboni –where colors are sweet !Our lollipops are carefully handmade using high quality ingredients . Also by mixing our candies with small and interesting toys we produce candy toys and we offer more joy to the children.

In this way beside Middle East market we developed also European countries .This year we’ll exhibit at ISM Koln,SPIELWARENMESSE Nuremberg ,IFE London ,GULFOOD Dubai ,TUTTO FOOD Milano ,YUMMEX Dubai ,ANUGA Koln and PLMA Amsterdam.

Telephone: +40 746 089 392
E-mail: georgiana.m@passagecandy.com
Website: www.lolliboni.com


Phoenix Ind S.A. is one of the most respected biscuits manufacturers from Romania and SE Europe. Proud of our products, with a significant history, state of the art machineries, focused on quality, ingredients and relying on our team expertise.

With a lovely variety of plain and sandwich biscuits, petite beurre, sweet & salt appetisers and breakfast biscuits, Phoenix is really an attractive and reliable partner.
With over 20 years in industry, Phoenix remained on the market because of the traditional values combined with a modern approach.
Our international partners are considering Phoenix a trustful and reliable supplier because they found here respect, flexibility to meet their demands and financial stability. Considering all these arguments, we built in time an excellent reputation, that is leading to long term business relations. Now, our attention is focused on the market evolution, in developing new products, new tastes and flavours, new and innovative packaging, able to perform successfully on all international markets.
Take a bite, taste our biscuits and you will fully understand why, as a growing European manufacturer, we are so proud to write on our packaging “Made in Romania”

Address: 56, Mercur St., Braila, Braila County, Romania
Telephone: +40 239 618 340 / +40 729 777 597
Fax: +40 239 612 406
E-mail: manager.export@phoenix-biscuiti.ro
Website: www.phoenix-biscuiti.ro


Angelo is a registered trademark that has appeared on the Romanian market since 1992 through SC Vals & CO Angelo SRL, which owns a network of grocery stores, production in this field since 1999.

The company entered the business in 1992 with the help of small shops but later
expanded not only to agriculture after investing 50,000 euros in a land and an orchard but also to the
production and distribution segment Bread, bakery products, pastries, jams, jams, canned fruits and
vegetables, all of which are fresh and packaged in the Angelo pastry.
SC Piccolo Angelo SRL – established in 2007, is the newest member of the group, and has
as main activity the manufacture of confectionery, pastry, gelatin and fruit and vegetable processing.
With 2 million euros in cake and commerce production, Angelo increased its production capacity by
25 percent after receiving European agricultural funds worth around 900,000 euros between May
2009 and May 2016.
In 2009, following rigorous economic and financial analyzes, it was decided to implement
a project on European funds for the development of the natural production business.
Piccolo Angelo’s factory now produces around a ton of cookies, cakes, but also other bakery
products, canned fruits, jams, jams that sell in several counties in the southeastern country, but And
export. Currently it is being exported to Belgium, Greece and Italy on the side of cookies, but will
soon be exporting sweets to countries like Germany and Spain. Today, exports account for about 7%
of what Piccolo Angelo produces.

Address:Str. Valea cu Tei, nr. 7, sat Greci, comuna Greci, judetul Tulcea.
Telephone:+40 0240 575 311
Fax:+40 0240 575 311
E-mail: angelo_greci@yahoo.com
Website: www.angelogroup.ro


Angelo is a registered trademark that has appeared on the Romanian market since 1992 through SC Vals & CO Angelo SRL, which owns a network of grocery stores, production in this field since 1999.

The company entered the business in 1992 with the help of small shops but later
expanded not only to agriculture after investing 50,000 euros in a land and an orchard but also to the
production and distribution segment Bread, bakery products, pastries, jams, jams, canned fruits and
vegetables, all of which are fresh and packaged in the Angelo pastry.
SC Piccolo Angelo SRL – established in 2007, is the newest member of the group, and has
as main activity the manufacture of confectionery, pastry, gelatin and fruit and vegetable processing.
With 2 million euros in cake and commerce production, Angelo increased its production capacity by
25 percent after receiving European agricultural funds worth around 900,000 euros between May
2009 and May 2016.
In 2009, following rigorous economic and financial analyzes, it was decided to implement
a project on European funds for the development of the natural production business.
Piccolo Angelo’s factory now produces around a ton of cookies, cakes, but also other bakery
products, canned fruits, jams, jams that sell in several counties in the southeastern country, but And
export. Currently it is being exported to Belgium, Greece and Italy on the side of cookies, but will
soon be exporting sweets to countries like Germany and Spain. Today, exports account for about 7%
of what Piccolo Angelo produces.

Address:37 Putul lui Zamfir street, District 1, Bucharest
Telephone: +40 751 430 043
Fax: +40 314 250 570
E-mail: office@pirifan.ro
Website www.pirifan.ro/


Porcellino Grasso started in 2010 in an old, deteriorated former communist farm. Understanding that feedinghappy and healthy pigs means tasty pork meat for end customers, the company invested money and energy to transform the farm completely.

It started with ventilation and water systems. The feeding lines were updated and fully automated, the building was entirely refurbished, from isolation to dome.Nowadays, Porcellino Grasso is a modern pig farm, endowed with tunnel ventilation system and semi-automated air intakes. Updating technologies carries on, as the team is implementing automated micro-climate surveillance and control systems.

Today, Porcellino Grasso has 11 modernised pig stables that feed over 100,000 finishing pigs yearly, in 3- 4 series. The business capacitates 29,700 animals each serie, taking care to insure optimised living and sanitary-veterinary conditions for the growing hogs.

Address:Com. Francesti, sat. Francesti, nr. 1 , jud. Valcea
Telephone:+40 250 765 026
Fax:+40 250 765 026
E-mail: office@porcellinograsso.ro
Website: www.porcellinograsso.ro/


I’m honored to present our company, Prefera Foods from Alba Iulia, Romania, a canned food producer. We are established on 2009 and from then we are continuing to grow up step by step. First of all we conquered the romanian market and from 2013 we export in Italy, Spain, UK, Cyprus, Greece, Sweden and other countries.

Our turnover was 8400000 euro in 2015 and we hope that this year we’ll arrive at 11.000.000 euro with the help of export.
Our products are divided in 3 brands:
1) Capricii si delicii – where you can find our BIO products and our NO-E and preservatives products.
2) Meniu de-a gata – where you can find a large range of ready meal products.
3) Rodna – the economic brand

We expand our range of products from the last year also with other products as: a large range of pickles, corn flour, beans and other traditional or international products. You can choose also form a high range of casseroles products with products made under international cuisine recipe.

Address: DN1, km 392+600, Oiejdea, Alba – Romania
Telephone: +40 258 806 690
Fax: +40 258 806 692
E-mail: export@preferafoods.ro
Website: www.preferafoods.ro


SC PRODALCOM SA Botosani was born from the friendship between Cornel Şfaiţer and Neculai Catana and their desire to show that both the high quality and the international standards can be found in domestic products.

SC PRODALACOM SA was founded un 1993 in Vorona, a village in northern Moldova (Botosani county), where the first section preparation and bottling of alcoholic beverages was established.
From the young team’s efforts emerged the Voronskaya vodca. In 2002, the company was retrofitted with a new modern production line from Italy, other products developing around the Voronskaya vodca: Grand Tresor liqueur, Stefan cel Mare vodca, Afinata Vorona and the Vorona spirits, all products to superior quality.

Address: Botosani, Str. Puskin nr 128, Cod 710350
Telephone: +40 231 534 672
Fax: +40 231 534 164
E-mail: office@prodalcom.ro
Website: www.voronskaya.ro


Prutul is one of the leading companies in Romania in the processing of oil plants, the refining, bottling and marketing of vegetable oils.
The Prutul Oil Factory from Galati, founded 126 years ago under the name “Fleming Oil”, is the factory with the longest tradition in vegetable oil production in Romania (since 1893).

Through an extensive investment program in recent years, Prutul Company has turned this factory into one of largest and modern vegetable oil factories in the country: state-of-the-art equipment, integrated production technology, high quality standards and maximum safety, top certifications in the industry (IFS, ISO, FSSC) important affiliations (FOSFA)

Address:12 Ana Ipatescu st,Galati,Romania
Telephone: +40 236 460 677
Fax: +40 236 460 616
E-mail: office@prutul.ro
Website: www.prutul.ro


Recunostinta Prodcom impex, member of the Cris-Tim group, produces in an integrated system. The cereal farm supports the dairy farm, and the milk is processed in a modern factory, according to delicious and healthy recipes, in a wonderful variety of products: buttermilk, yoghurts, cultured milk, sour cream, cheese.

In the cereal farm, there are 800 hectares cultivated for cow feed. The land processing technology, as well as the appliances used are top-tier, and the cereal and feed are preserved in our own silos, which allows for strict quality control. This is the origin of the nutrients for our 5oo Montbeliarde cows, a breed internationally recognized and appreciated for the quantity and quality of their milk, very rich in protein.
Mugura is Cris-Tim’s dairy brand. Mugura dairy products delight the consumers with the most natural products, made from safe milk. Complex, milk-based foods are an important, healthy source of calcium and good fats for the organism.
The farm is certified at the moment with ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System), ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental Management System), ISO 18001 : 2007 (Health and Safety Management System
Our products can be found in Europe – Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Cyprus, Greece, France.

Address:12 Loc. Boldesti-Scaieni, oras Boldesti-Scaieni, Sos. Ploiesti Valeni nr. 16, jud. Prahova
Telephone:+40 745 647 208
Fax: +40 212 020 216
E-mail: ramona.turculet@cristim.ro
Website: www.cristim.ro


Ecoferm, member of the Cris-Tim group, produces in an integrated system. The cereal farm supports the dairy farm, and the milk is processed in a modern factory, according to delicious and healthy recipes, in a wonderful variety of products: buttermilk, yoghurts, cultured milk, sour cream, cheese.

In the cereal farm, there are 800 hectares cultivated for cow feed. The land processing technology, as well as the appliances used are top-tier, and the cereal and feed are preserved in our own silos, which allows for strict quality control. This is the origin of the nutrients for our 5oo Montbeliarde cows, a breed internationally recognized and appreciated for the quantity and quality of their milk, very rich in protein.
Mugura is Cris-Tim’s dairy brand. Mugura dairy products delight the consumers with the most natural products, made from safe milk. Complex, milk-based foods are an important, healthy source of calcium and good fats for the organism.
The farm is certified at the moment with ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System), ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental Management System), ISO 18001 : 2007 (Health and Safety Management System
Our products can be found in Europe – Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Cyprus, Greece, France.

Address:12 Loc. Boldesti-Scaieni, oras Boldesti-Scaieni, Sos. Ploiesti Valeni nr. 16, jud. Prahova
Telephone:+40 745 647 208
Fax: +40 212 020 216
E-mail: ramona.turculet@cristim.ro
Website: www.cristim.ro


Impex Cris Tim, member of the Cris-Tim group, produces in an integrated system. The cereal farm supports the dairy farm, and the milk is processed in a modern factory, according to delicious and healthy recipes, in a wonderful variety of products: buttermilk, yoghurts, cultured milk, sour cream, cheese.

In the cereal farm, there are 800 hectares cultivated for cow feed. The land processing technology, as well as the appliances used are top-tier, and the cereal and feed are preserved in our own silos, which allows for strict quality control. This is the origin of the nutrients for our 5oo Montbeliarde cows, a breed internationally recognized and appreciated for the quantity and quality of their milk, very rich in protein.
Mugura is Cris-Tim’s dairy brand. Mugura dairy products delight the consumers with the most natural products, made from safe milk. Complex, milk-based foods are an important, healthy source of calcium and good fats for the organism.
The farm is certified at the moment with ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System), ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental Management System), ISO 18001 : 2007 (Health and Safety Management System
Our products can be found in Europe – Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Cyprus, Greece, France.

Address:12 Loc. Boldesti-Scaieni, oras Boldesti-Scaieni, Sos. Ploiesti Valeni nr. 16, jud. Prahova
Telephone:+40 745 647 208
Fax: +40 212 020 216
E-mail: ramona.turculet@cristim.ro
Website: www.cristim.ro


The Romaqua Group Borsec is a privately owned company with integral inland capital, set up in 1998, with a turnover rate of over 145 million euros. In over 19 years of activity, significant investments amounting to more than 220 million euros have been made, especially in world-class technologies and equipment, in order to obtain products of the highest quality standard.

The group has about 2,000 employees working in 6 factories in Borsec, Bucharest, Busteni, Sebes and Stanceni. The factories in Stanceni, Sebes and Borsec 2 are all greenfield projects, benefiting from the most modern technology available at that time worldwide.
The Romaqua Group is the absolute leader in the romanian mineral water market with the Borsec brand, but also on the market for soft drinks with the Giusto Natura brand. The Albacher brand is the only autohnon player in the beer industry to rank among the top five beer markets in Romania.

Address:46 Carpati street, Borsec, Harghita county
Telephone: +40 266 337 425
Fax: +40 266 337 290
E-mail: office@romaqua.ro
Website: www.romaqua-group.ro


The respect for healthy and qualitative food, the care for the harmonious development of future generations and transparency in everything we do are the values that represent us and that guide the Safir value chain for over 27 years.

. However, the most important business card is represented by our chickens – raised with clean hands, with care and responsibility, from the corn grain with which they are fed directly from our hands and to the safety in which they reach on the tables of families.
As a producer of meat with a real chicken taste, Safir Company group, a family business with a 100% Romanian capital, with over 27 years of experience in meat industry, is a trustworthy partner, both for important players in the HoReCa segment and for large chains of international stores present in Romania.
Our products are only from pure meat without growth hormones and antibiotics, without animal feed and without food additives. We do not use subsequent processing techniques, the meat is not injected and does not contain genetically modified organisms, thus, we guarantee maximum safety for the products.
The slaughterhouse disposes of an integrated management system, in compliance with standards ISO 9001:2001, SR EN ISO 14001:2005 and SR EN ISO 22000:2005, ISO 18001:2007, certified by QS Cert and BRC, IFS.
With a slaughterhouse capacity of 4.000 heads/h (in 2017 20.000 tons were recorded), Safir Company group exports over 15% of annual production to countries such as Bulgaria, Malta, Estonia, Austria, Holland, Cyprus, Greece, Germany, Georgia and Kosovo, permanently investing in lasting partnerships, new technologies, diversification of products portfolio and expansion on new outlets.
Our family recipe, which helps us raise healthy and responsible chickens for over 27 years and to create processed and semi-processed products only from pure meat and natural seasoning, is the real chicken taste, obtained only from pure meat, with a zest for life and passion for well-done things.

Address:Valeni, Vaslui, Romania
Telephone: +40 235 361 562
Fax: +40 235 306 034
E-mail: contact@safir.ro
Website: www.safir.ro


SALBAC is a part of the AGRICOLA Group, one of the largest food producers and processors in Eastern Europe. Ever since 1976, our company has been producing dry-cured salamis and specialties. Today, SALBAC is the market leader in this segment.

.Our most precious product is AGRICOLA`s Sibiu Salami – the best known Romanian raw-dry and moulded meat specialty. Today, Agricola sells over 40% of the Sibiu Salami consumed in Romania (according to Vector Market Romania).
In time, we diversified our product range with boiled-smoked and fresh meat products in order to keep up with the market`s everchanging demands. Today, we produce meat products in two specialized factories, equipped at European standards and certified by many international food certifying organisms and meet all Larex, ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and BRC Grade-A standards. Sure, in order to comply with the state and European Union regulations we replaced the oak wood with stainless steel but the recipes, the skill and the taste of AGRICOLA`s Sibiu Salami remains unchanged – as part of our precious heritage.
Since our beginning, we haven’t ceased to astonish with our raw-dry or boiled-smoked salamis and meat specialties. In the most diverse packaging and weights, keeping the traditional taste or offering the pleasure of trying new varieties, Agricola fine and savory specialties have won everyone’s confidence, allowing tradition and freshness to talk for themselves.
Always, we have offered our customers more than our products – through them we offered the genuine taste of traditional farm-made products, freshness and health. After all, that’s what any skillful and responsible Romanian husbandman’s family would do.

Address:Str. Calea Moinesti nr.16,Judet Bacau
Telephone: +40 234 571 726
Fax: +40 234 516 416
E-mail: export@salbac.ro
Website: www.agricola.ro


SALTEMPO is a company with long established experience with pork, beef, mutton and chicken meat processing. Throughout the years, SALTEMPO has constantly focused on both increasing the quality and diversity of its products.
Located in the south-eastern part of Romania in Galati county between the rivers Prut, Siret and the Danube, SALTEMPO has developed throughout the years several product ranges inspired from Romanian tradition and the need to eat traditionally.

The SALTEMPO range of products includes hams, bacons, specialties, sausages and hotdogs, bolognas, salamis, haggis, liver pates, vegetarian (meat substitute) products, pre-cooked grill products, dry aged products as well as butchery products, both chilled and frozen chopped meats.
SALTEMPO prides itself with four distinct brands: “SALTEMPO – prospetime si savoare pentru fiecare”, “SALTEMPO – delicii din traditii”, “COSTACHE – bucate ca odinioara” and “APPETIT – gust deosebit”. All brands are registered trade marks and are property of SALTEMPO.
The SALTEMPO products have a flavor unique to the Romanian traditional style, are crafted from carefully selected cuts and latest generation technology and aimto satisfy the most demanding of tastes.
The ability and capacity to create new products crafted after unique recipes and using natural ingredients has brought SALTEMPO to the attention of large national retailers that sell the products under their own brands.
The SALTEMPO products are offered in either bulk or portioned and sliced depending on the selling market. The packaging is done under vacuum in protective atmosphere in casseroles or by thermoforming packages of various sizes which grants increased shelf life.
SALTEMPO owns RO73CE veterinary certificates for intra-community trade and is has implemented a Quality Management System and Food Safety certified by Rina Simtex – the certification body for ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and IFS Food standards.

Telephone: +40 236 406 363
Fax: +40 236 406 364
E-mail: office@saltempo.ro
Website: www.saltempo.ro/


In 1994, in Satu Mare, a Romanian profile company was born – SAM MILLS, that would become the leader of the corn milling market in Romania in a few years.
In the following years the company Sam Mills extended its activity to packing different products, mainly corn, and pasta production. The expansion strategy to Eastern Europe allowed Sam Mills to strengthen its leader position and to increase constantly its turnover.

After 10 years of activity it has becomes a serious supplier with one of the largest and most modern dedicated gluten free factory in the world, with a total capacity of 24.000 tons of pasta a year and an international brand present in more than 60 countries.
Relying on the research, innovation and quality control of its products, Sam Mills Europe guarantees its clients healthy high-quality pastas, which are in compliance with:
-The AOECS Standard for gluten free foods
-IFS FOOD Higher Level Certified
-BRC – Global Standard for Food Safety with Grade A
-KOSHER Certified
-USDA and Non-GMO Certified
WELCOME to our Universe of High Protein, High Fiber, Organic and Gluten Free Pasta!

Address: 151 Mioritei St., Botiz 447065, Satu Mare County, Romania
Telephone:+40 261 806 031
Fax: +40 261 806 032
E-mail: office@sammills.eu
Website: www.sammills.eu


Scandia Food company, the market leader in its business category, represents the benchmark of the Romanian tradition of providing tasty and nutritious food.

The quality of our products, our team of experts and the care for the consumer and all that surrounds us ensures the success of this brand for nearly a century.
Scandia has proven to be a reliable name as evolving continuously since its founding in 1922. Now the reputation of the company is carried on by a new set of values, based on innovation and our vision to transform Scandia in the largest food company in Romania and a prominent leader in nutrition and balanced lifestyle: experience & competence, passion & pride, care, innovation.

Address: Sibiu, Str. Podului, Nr.133
Telephone: +40 269 208 600
Fax: +40 269 208 610
E-mail: export@scandia.ro
Website: www.scandia.ro


Tip Top Food Industry SRL, was founded in 1993 and is one of the prominent producer of Frozen Pastry, Frozen Confectionery and Catering in Romania and one of the market leaders in many categories.

All production is directed to the most important retail chains: Lidl, Auchan, Carrefour, Delhaize, Kaufland, Real, Metro, Selgros and also exported to many countries in Europe.
BONITO products:
• contains frozen pastries sweet or savoury, with different fillings (apple, cheese, pumpkin, berries, etc.).
• filo pastry and puff pastry products
• 12 monthsshelf life
• guarantee the quality of European standards and compliance of hygiene, being certified with IFS, ISO 22000, FSSC, Halal
• includes two categories of products:
>for HORECA (bulk)

Address: Bd. Timisoara nr 94, sector 6, Bucuresti, Romania
Telephone: +40 213 011 550
Fax: +40 213 011 575
E-mail: export@tiptop.ro
Website: www.bonitofood.ro


Tracian Beef is a company whose main activity is livestock and trade in live animals.

Tracian Beef was founded in the early 2013 with the desire of Mr. Cornel Paraschiv to have a farm
where steers could grow in the best conditions.To relieve stress, the 10 stalls of the farm are
equipped with audio system for ambient music.

Construction farm site:
The farm is a new construction carried out during 2013-2014 and consists of 10 stalls.
The total area of the farm is a pproximately 14,000 sqm .

With a capacity of up to 10,000 animals per year and growing spaces that meet the highest European standards, Tracian Beef is one of the largest and most modern cattle farms in Romania.

E-mail: office@tracianbeef.ro
Telephone:+40 736 102 396
Fax: +40 213 611 000


Family business, we manufacture traditional Romanian products based on old recipes from the Muntenia area. We rely on an experience of over 25 years gained near renowned culinary masters who have impregnated us with respect for everything that the Romanian Tradition means. We show a permanent concern for the quality of our products.

We have no secrets and no magic formula to make our products. Their special quality results from the very simplicity of the manufacturing process, because they are natural, without preservatives or food additives, made from fresh meat, enriched with the grandparents’ spices – salt, pepper, garlic, thyme, pepper, bay leaves, berries mustard, juniper, etc
The traditional recipes are strictly followed by us, we use pork, beef, sheep or poultry from authorized units, the spices are 100% natural.
We offer a wide range of assortments: from fresh meat to specific dishes for barbecue, cooked and smoked or just smoked.
We are constantly looking for the perfect taste and new old recipes are either forgotten through the drawers of grandparents or told from generation to generation as our Romanian tradition has been preserved.

Address:Bucuresti, str Plt.Petre Ionescu, nr 51, bl 7, sc 3, ap 175, sector 3
E-mail: office@producatoritraditionali.ro
Telephone:+40 722 619 712


S.C. TUAL FAST CHANCE ’98 SRL is a private Romanian company, active on the pastry and confectionery market since 1998.

We have a wide range of products such as: cakes, cookies, pound cakes, chocolate and biscuits salami, etc. To view our assortment, please visit the company website:www.doctor-fusec.ro; www.secretulbunicii.com.
We have a national distribution network that covers all the counties of Romania.
We are and have been for the past 9 years suppliers to the main retail networks in Romania: Auchan, Carrefour, Cora, Metro, Profi, Billa, Mega Image, Rewe, Kaufland both under our own brand and under their private label. The company’s products meet a very high standard of quality, with rigorous tracking of the entire production workflow, only good quality ingredients being used for their manufacture.
The company’s goal is to offer its customers quality desserts, very similar to the home-made ones. We adapt traditional recipes to a semi-industrial scale, but we keep the traditional quality of the products.
We address nostalgic customers, attentive to what they eat or offer to their beloved ones. Our products represent “homemade” desserts and sweet snacks, which awaken their good memories of family warmth and safety.

Address: sos. Dobroesti nr. 14, Bl. H15, sc. A, ap. 33, cod postal 022343. Bucuresti
Telephone:+40 311 024 361
Fax: +40 311 024 361
E-mail: claudia.nacu@doctor-fursec.ro
Website: www.doctor-fursec.ro/


ZIMBRIA products are obtained naturally, traditionally (without E, additives or emulsifiers) and baked over the jar of hardwood (fir / beech), using only fresh meat of the highest quality and sprinkled with natural spices, carefully selected to sour and flavor the meat at the same time.

The quality of ingredients alongside traditional processing methods offers an excellent taste to our products appreciated by consumers and benefits to the body by using wild blackcurrant, black pepper, salt without nitrite, red pepper, coriander, etc.
Our involvement is a direct one in the production of specialties, and we always want to maintain the highest standards in terms of their quality but also in sales for a direct interaction with those who purchase our products, being interested in new requirements, proposals.

Address: Bulevard George Cosbuc No 257, Hall 20, Galati
Phone: +40 751 309 967
E-mail: mariusverdesi@mac.com


Vladalex Impex company was founded with the purpose of contributing to the enhancement and promotion of the ecological potential of Romania.Vladalex is a company with a tradition of 15 years in the food sector, starting its activity in the Organic products market in 2010.

The targeted objective of this firm is to develop, to improve the Organic products, obtained from various certified manufacturers and processors from Romania.
The products offered for sale come from organic areas, being certified in accordance with the following regulations: EC 834/2007 for the EU market, USDA-NOP norms for USA and Bio-Suisse standards for products with the destination of Switzerland.
Certification of products is ensured by the inspection and certification body – CERES GmbH.
Vladalex range of organic products consists of: dried or frozen forest fruits (berries), herbs and medicinal plants, different types of honey and apiary products, fresh fruits for the industry, mushrooms, walnuts and hazelnuts.

Address: TARGU MURES, Lucernei street, no. 2, Mures
Phone: +40 265 311 045
Fax: +40 265 311 045
E-mail: office@vladalex-romania.ro
Website: www.ecofruct.eu