Aaylex Group, the holder of high quality CocoRico chicken meat brand, with over 25 years of experience, successfully integrates the system “from egg to plate”.

Aaylex Prod represents the slaughterhouse of Aaylex Group, one of the largest and most modern facilities in Europe.
We hold numerous certificates confirming the quality of Coco Rico products: BRC AA grade, ISO, IFS High Level, Halal, and special SGS certification for the good practices of the integrated system management.
The integrated management system certification awarded by the SGS to our company proves that:
CocoRico products are natural meat products, which do not undergo any other meat processing techniques upon slaughtering and cutting up chicken, complying with legislative requirements as far as the application of the particular aspects which have been audited is concerned.
The production process within Aaylex Group, both in the farms owned by the group, in companies producing poultry feed, or in slaughterhouses, is performed with:
1. Free of growth hormones
2. Free of antibiotics to enhance growth
3. Free of animal flour
4. Free of food additives
5. Free of feed additives, chickens being 100% fed on herbal ingredients, minerals and vitamins
6. Free of meat processing techniques upon slaughtering and cutting up chicken (not even meat processing techniques using substances for tenderising or maturing meat).
7. No GMOs (poultry meat is not genetically modified)
CocoRico- You are Super when you choose Healthy!.

Address: DN 2B, km. 9+270-km.9+527, Buzău, Romania
Phone: +40 238 710 414
Fax : +40 238 710 516
E-mail: secretariat@avicolabuzau.ro
Web: www.cocorico.ro


Aaylex Group, the holder of high quality CocoRico chicken meat brand, with over 25 years of experience, successfully integrates the system “from egg to plate”.

Aaylex Avicola Buzău represents the group of farms, for breeding, hatching, and broiler growth farms.
Under the strict attention of our nutrition, health and growth specialists, broilers grow in large, clean and ventilated spaces. Broiler farms are equipped with the latest technology; its parameters of atmosphere indoors are automatically controlled. Broilers move freely, breathe fresh air, eat and drink high quality water unrestricted.
The strictly observed biosecurity program includes a number of methods and means which aims the breeding of the healthiest, cleanest chickens; their meat contains special nutrients.
From the moment they are hatched, the chickens are raised on a diet of 100% herbal ingredients, in a stress free environment.
The perfect balance between experience of more than 25 years, and innovation and high technology, together with the dedication of more than 2000 employees, makes CocoRico chicken the healthiest and tastiest choice for all ages.
CocoRico poultry meat is a natural product, free of growth hormones, growth enhancing antibiotics, animal flours (meals) or food additives.
The implementation of the integrated Quality, Food Safety and Environment Management System, which applies to all processes performed within the company, seeks to continuously improve efficiency and to guarantee that the company will deliver products which are safe for human consumption. We make sure that we gain our customer’s CONFIDENCE so that they can be certain that our company will consistently deliver food products which are safe for them to consume.
CocoRico- You are Super when you choose Healthy!

Address: DN 2B, km. 9+270-km.9+527, Buzău, Romania
Phone: +40 238 710 414
Fax : +40 238 710 516
E-mail: secretariat@avicolabuzau.ro
Web: www.cocorico.ro

S.C. Annabella Fabrica de Conserve Râureni S.R.L.
Annabella Raureni Canning Factory operates since 1968 and acquired a long expertise in the field of fruit and vegetable canning, the portfolio comprising over 100 products.
Producer of fruit preserves, vegetable preserves and natural concentrate apple juice. Premium quality brand, best raw materials, natural ingredients.

No preservatives, no colorants, no artificial flavors. Raureni has one of the largest share of sales as a Romanian brand in food canning industry, in EU, USA, Canada and Australia.
Confitures, jams, fruit in syrup (compote), syrups, pickles, vegetables for cooking, tomato based products, readymade (zacusca spreads), marmalade, natural concentrate apple juice bulk (100% apple), natural fruit juice bag-in-box packed (apple, sour cherry, blueberry – 100% fruit), strawberry confiture 100% fruit, plum butter „magiun” 100% fruit, hot pepper confiture –Gourmet, red onion confiture –Gourmet, wellness jam and confiture (no added sugar, inulin based), portion jams 20g.
Type of activity: fruit and vegetable processing and preserving.
Company Profile and product offer:Annabella Raureni Canning Factory operates since 1968 and acquired a long expertise in the field of fruit and vegetable canning, the portfolio comprising over 100 products.

Address: 52 Barajului Street, Rm Valcea, Valcea, Romania
Phone: +40 250 733 308
Fax : +40 250 739 563
E-mail: office@raureni.ro
Web: www.raureni.ro


At Avicola Lumina we gather, sort, mark and pack eggs. We are also unparalleled when it comes to fully raising poultry and making feedstuffs for our poultry.This is the way we manage to provide a good, healthy life to our thousands of floor-raised chickens that lay, for us and our customers, first class, fresh eggs.We encourage the clients to buy straight from the farm, reconnecting, this way, with the taste and freshness of the traditional household produce.

The production chain
Avicola Lumina manages 18 egg-laying hens’ sheds over 20 hectares, upgraded in line with the EU requirements on poultry movement and freedom in 2012, via substantial investments.
The egg-production capacity went up to 75 millions/year, and the sorting and packaging facilities can process 45,000 eggs/hour, using the latest types of equipment.
We’re the only feedstuffs providers for our poultry, as we manufacture all the feedstuffs we need at Avicola Lumina, based on our own recipes.
National project
Avicola Lumina provides a new type of eggs, with an impact on the customers’ good health, due to their naturally improved nutritional features.
This project’s aim is to obtain, at Avicola Lumina (SME) eggs naturally enriched with carotenoids (mainly lutein and zeaxanthin), through nutrition, that may help preventing the occurrence of MD (macular degeneration), i.e. a new type of egg, with a functional food role.
There is a market for such functional food, proved by the market analysis included in the Business Plan.
No patent was registered in Romania for carotenoids-enriched eggs and the only such patent we’ve identified was obtained by Kaw et al for lutein-enriched eggs (USA, 2010, patent No. 7758884 B2), and the nutritional formula carotenoid was extracted from marigolds (Calendula officinalis).

Address: COM. LUMINA , SOS. TULCEI NR. 111
Phone: +40241 251 150
Fax : +40241 250 050


Avicarvil is a company with 100% Romanian private capital, as all the companies forming the Carmistin Group. We hope that throught our example we will show that a dream can become reality and promote a new business model, a personal, open model and very close to CUSTOMERS.

Avicarvil is in continuous process of learning and training, always wanting to be close to the needs and demands of the customers and keep in mind their suggestions.
Avicarvil is a very trustable partner for halal. The process of slaughtering is made in accordance with the muslim regulation, without stunning. The process and the halal certification is made under a strict control of traceability and quality by very professional people.
The group of companies offer as well for the halal market live young bulls ready for slaughtering or young bulls carcasses certified halal
The group integrates approximately 140 points of direct sale, where the end consumer may find all the products of our company: chicken, pork, beef meat and meat preparations, thus being on the first pace as business model in the meat industry.

Address: Sos. Bucuresti-Ploiesti nr. 42-44, building A, A1 budy building, ground floor, 4-th office, district 1 of Bucharest , ROMANIA.
Fax : +40213611000
E-mail: officebaneasa@carmistin.ro


BOROMIR is one of the leaders of the grain milling, bakery and confectionery market in Romania.
The company was founded in 1994 having as main activity the grain milling. Since then BOROMIR developed and diversified its business by taking over a few important companies in this field and today offers a wide range of grain milling, bakery and confectionery products.

The expertise gained over the years in this field, the professionalism and willingness to innovate are strengths that allow to the company to offer to its customers products that meet the highest requirements of quality, safety, tradition and originality.
Currently BOROMIR activity is conducted on 5 different production platforms based in areas with high economic potential in Romania: Valcea, Sibiu, Deva, Buzau, Slobozia.
The company offers to customers:
– Pastry products : croissants, brioches, mini cakes with various fillings, puff pastry, short dough cookies, traditional cakes with special filling, puff pastry layers for cakes, cake base, lady fingers;
– Milling products: Wheat flour, special flours for retail, durum wheat flour, semolina, pearl barley, corn flour
– Bakery products: bread, bagels, bakery specialties
– Pasta: soft wheat – short (various forms), long pasta; hard wheat – short, long pasta
– Cookies
– Expanded cereals
For selling its products the company opted for traditional distribution channels, direct sales and its own specialized shops, and modern distribution channels, too: retail networks, cash & carry, supermarkets. Also, BOROMIR extended its market in the past 10 years and sales its products all over Europe: Italy, Spain, Great Britain, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Ireland, Greece, France and also in US or Australia.

Address: RM. VALCEA, STR. TRAGUUI NR. 2, 240485, ROMANIA
Phone:+40 250 734 428
Fax :+40 250 734 428
E-mail: office@boromir.ro
Web: www.boromir.ro


BRADET S.R.L. is a company with a full private Romanian capital founded in 2001 .
Our core business is collecting, transporting, processing, storing and selling milk and dairy products.

Located in the heart of the Fagaras mountains, S.C. BRADET S.R.L. continues an over a half a century tradition. We need to mention that the village Bradet lends its name to the well-known and appreciated hard cheese. In order to preserve tradition, the company produces this assortment which has been declared a traditional product. The three natural elements in abundance in our area: clear water, pure air, nourishing grass, ease the job of our specialists, which is to provide the public with the required daily ration of dairy protein.
In the year 2003 we began rebuilding the factory according to the building permit no.9323/01.10.2002, that allowed us to expand and modernize, resulting in a brand new facility.
By 2005, when the construction work was over the factory could process 1000 l/h.The first products were introduced on the market in June the same year, products that were a real success.
We continue to invest in the factory, bringing modernizations every month by creating new spaces for processing and storage and also by increasing our processing capacity.
During 2006, 2007, 2008 the company was able to process about 7000 l/day, thus providing the milk necessary for the schools in the Olt and Valcea counties.
On 3rd October 2008 there was a fire that severely damaged the factory.  So that we would not lose access to a market we had been growing for years, our company signed a contract with S.C. LACTA S.A. that released products under the BRADET brand until the factory was rebuilt.
Despite the fact that the fire destroyed not only the factory but also the storage units with the final products we only stopped selling our products for a single day, being fully aware of the importance of maintaining one’s presence on the market.
The factory was up and running in four months.
Since February 2009 our products are being manufactured on our own premises.
In order to reach and maintain European quality standards S.C. BRADET S.R.L. continually invests in modernizations, a good example being the project supported by the Agency for Rural Development and Fishing 3 South Muntenia, that granted our company 1.420.909 euro in non-refundable funds, representing 50% of the project’s value. The total sum representing the investments made over the last three years is 3.500.000 euro.
In what the raw materials are concerned, we need to mention that our providers are authorized farms only. In order to increase production the raw material quantity required of 20000 l/day can be acquired from Arges county as well as neighboring districts.
Our products under the brand Lactate Bradet (Bradet Dairy) stand out due to high quality, remarkable flavour, attractive presentation and packaging.  The variety of Bradet dairy products finds itself in the “traditional” segment of the market and spreads throughout the main dairy product groups:
– 0.1% fat, in a pouch package,
– 1.8% fat,  in a pouch package,
– 3% fat,  in a pouch package;
– yougarts: natural, diet, drinkable, with Calcium, with Bifidus, in various quantities,
-sana 3% fat, in a pouch package and PET package in various quantities,
-buttermilk 2% fat, in a pouch package and PET package in various quantities,
-sour cream 12 % and 22 % fat  in various quantities;
Cheeses :
– curd with sour cream in the Fagaras style.
Considering the company is situated in Bradetu, a region well-known for its tradition of smoked hard cheese S.C. BRADET S.R.L. was given a certificate of traditional product for the hard cheese.
In what the distribution of the products is concerned the company’s strategy was to develop a loyal clientèle on the available markets, which allowed for a continuous growth on the respective market. The growth in production registered from the starting point of the company until now is due to the increase in the area of distribution as well as in the increased amount of products per segment of market.
This was partly possible due to the collaboration with supermarkets.
Our present range of distributions corroborated by sales covers Arges county, Bucuresti, Brasov and Valcea counties, where we have a steady presence. Internationally our products can be found in Italy, Spain, Cyprus and Belgium.

Address: Jud Arges, Pitesti, Strada Bogdan P. Hasdeu nr 14
Phone:+40 248 222 604; +40 730 390 506
E-mail: office@lactatebradet.ro
Web: www.lactatebradet.ro


The Cosm Fan Carmangerie, one of the most important companies in the meat and meat preparation market in Cluj-Napoca, was founded in 1994 by Ștefan and Cosmin Moldovan, father and son. Over the years, the authentic taste and quality of the products generated a steady growth of the business, which led to the opening of meat stores a .

In 2005, the Moldovan family decided to invest in a cattle ranch in Mociu. Here, in a healthy, balanced and natural environment they grow over 230 breeds of cows. Between 2007 and 2008, the company was rebuilt from scratch using SAPARD funds, which were mostly used towards modernization and acquiring new technologies for the production environment. This investment has been the central pillar in the further development of the company, which led to both extending the network of stores and increasing the number of employees, as well as to diversifying the portfolio of their products.
Therefore, in 2015 Cosm Fan Carmangerie has a number of 28 stores throughout the Cluj County, having earned its place in the city’s top 100 companies, with almost 210 employees. The portfolio of its products include 120 different specialties such as sausages, salami, smoked ham, frankfurters, marinated minced meat or freshly cut meat. Last year, celebrating already 20 years of existence, the family business went through a complex rebranding process, bringing the concept of a meat store to the 21st century.

Phone:+40264 232 810
Fax :+40264 232 810
E-mail: contact@carmangeriamoldovan.ro
Web: www.cosmfan.ro

S.C. CROCO S.R.L. Romanian Leader for the products: “Brezel”, “Crackers”, “Sticks” and “Petit Beurre”- established and present on the market since 1994 and during all these years established its position as a reliable manufacturer providing a broad range of quality products, promptly reacting to all current and future customer needs.

With a production capacity of 93 tons/24 hours CROCO has long experience dealing with retail chains and standard retail ..
Annual turnover in 2016 : 32 million euro
We have been selling for many years in Hungary, Germany, Slovakia, Moldavian Republic, Bulgaria.
Starting with 2008 we have taken part in the most important confectionery and Private labels fairs around the Europe (ISM Koln, SIAL Paris, IFE London, World Food Moscow, Tutto Food Milano, PLMA Amsterdam, Private Label Munich, MDD Paris, Anuga Koln ) .
Due to our efforts we have started selling our products in countries like: Poland, Italy, Estonia, Latvia, Malta, Lebanon, Nederland, Macedonia, Slovenia, United Kingdom, Finland, Maroc , Australia , New Zeeland , China , Caribbean Islands
We are ISO and HACCP certified by Germanischer Lloyd certification; we implemented also IFS/BRC and we got certified at the end of October 2009.

Address: Slanicului Str. No 12 , Onesti 601110 , Bacau, Romania
Phone: +40234315017
Fax : +40234315024
E-mail: marketing@croco.ro
Web: www.croco.ro
Croco SRl is one of the biggest producers of biscuits in Romania.We are certified : ISO 9001, IFS, BRC, HACCP.
Products: Sticks, Brezel , Crackers, Petit Beurre and  Sweet Biscuits


Europrod Romania is a company that understands the needs of the modern consumer, for whom health and fast preparation of healthy and tasty meals are very important elements of life.
We are specialists in convenience products.

Our offer contains:
-Ready to eat and ready to cook (semiprepared) products;
-Ready to eat vegetarian products.
The above mentioned products, depending on customer needs can be chilled or frozen.
Food safety is very important, so we implemented and we assumed the highest standards of quality and food safety BRC, IFS, ISO 9001, ISO 22000, OHSAS.
Production workflow is integrated, ensuring product traceability.
Modern machinery from our plant ensure the constant quality of our products and fullfiling of orders always on time.
The quality / price ratio is always fair in order to ensure a long lasting partnership.
Our team’s experience in product innovation, gives the certainty that we offer customers a product always in trend.
Moreover, using our experience, customers put ideas into practice, to obtain the desired product.

Address: Calea Moinesti nr.16, Bacau
Phone: +40234 520 206
Fax : +40234 519 970
E-mail:export@agricola.ro ;


Kosarom S.A., producer of meat and meat product, is the basis on which the group of companies with the same was created. Next to Suinprod and Avi-Top it ensure an integrated process of production. The pigs from Suinprod ans the chicken from Avi-Top are row materials for Kosarom meat products. Thus, traceability is assured throughout the entire production cycle.

Production capacity. Slaughtering: 800 pigs/ 8 h.; Carving 50 tones/2 x 8 h.; meat products: 50 tones/day.
Kosarom produce over 80 varieties meat products. Offer export products: Sausages, Salami, Dry and boiled products, Hams, Baloney, Frankfurters, Pork and chicken specialities, Romanian Traditional Products. Grill Products. Kosarom stands out as a responsible processor, interested in quality and safety, respecting the highest production norms and EU standards in the meat and meat products market from Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Spain, France, Greece, Cyprus and other European States.
Certifications: : EN ISO 22000: 2005; EN ISO 9001:2008; EN ISO 140001: 2005.

Address:Abator Str. 65; Postal code: 705200; Pascani; Iasi; Romania
Phone:+40232 765 070
Fax :+40232 765 389
E-mail: kosarom@kosarom.ro
Web: www.kosarom.ro
logoPan Food SRL
Combining successfully the values of tradition with the innovative ideas of the present times, Pan Food created a wide range of products, which most certainly keeps up with the quality and diversity of this field’s products .
PAN FOOD SRL, a 100% Romanian capital company, produces a wide range of sugary products, being one of the few companies from Romania of this kind.
Address:oc. Şura Mică, Industrial Park , no. P2, Sibiu county, Romania.
Phone:+40 269 577 188
Fax :+40 269 577 189
E-mail: secretariat@panfood.ro
Web: www.panfood.ro
SC Salamandra Plus SRL

Who we are and what we do?
Salamandra is a meat processing brand, present on the Romanian market since 1992.

Our wish to rediscover variations to specific food from Maramures County has resulted in a large variety of products that are available for our clients and partners, countrywide and abroad.
Holding HACCP and ISO 9001 certi_cations, Salamandra Plus o_ers a diversi_ed product portfolio: Romanian specialities, smoked products, sausages, salamis, raw dried products and hams. Salamandra products are delivered in Romania – Maramures and Transylvania, as well as in Italy, France, Spain.
Where do we came from?
Maramures is an ethno-cultural, historic and geographic region located in the north of Romania. Situated in a spectacular basin, Maramures o_ers landscapes loaded with green sights and clean air, outstanding traditional architecture, as well as a variety of museums showing tourists a bit of the colourful traditions and customs that can be found here, unlike any other part of the world.

Address: Baia Sprie, Cramuzilor Street, No 55A
Phone: +40744.786.705
Fax: +40264.406.558
E-mail: info@salplus.ro; maya.raicu@gmail.com
Web: www.salplus.ro

Tip Top Food Industry SRL, was founded in 1993 and is one of the prominent producer of Frozen Pastry, Frozen Confectionery and Catering in Romania and one of the market leaders in many categories. All production is directed to the most  important retail chains: Lidl, Auchan, Carrefour, Delhaize, Kaufland, Real, Metro, Selgros and also exported to many countries in Europe.

BONITO products:
• contain frozen pastries that are:
– with different fillings (apple, cheese, pumpkin, berries, etc.).
• shelf life is 12 months
• guarantee the quality of European standards and compliance of hygiene, being certified with IFS, ISO 22000, FSSC, Halal
• includes two categories of products:
>for HORECA (bulk)

Address: Bd. Timisoara nr 94, sector 6, Bucuresti, Romania
Phone: +4021 301 15 50
Fax: +40 21 301 15 75
E-mail: export@tiptop.ro
Web: www.bonitofood.ro

TANO PROD IMPEX Ltd is a limited liability company, founded in 2005, with 100% Romanian private social capital. The company’s main activity is manufacture of wafers and biscuits, cakes, preserved pastry and diet products.
Factory’s activities are performed in a rented building of a 5570 sqm total area, out of which the built surface is 2750 sqm and the extended area is 3020 sqm.

The Company has the following activity areas: the wafers section, the pastry and confectionery section, the warehouse of finished products, the raw materials warehouse, delivery space, wafers and confectionery packaging warehouses, the
mechanical workshop, the household of water, lockers, toilets and offices.
All company’s products satisfy the highest quality standards, this being certified by the HACCP, ISO 9001:2008 and ISO22000:2005 quality systems, all assuring the implementation and maintenance of a food safety and quality system.
The factory is now obtaining the HALAL and KOSHER certificates.
The total production capacity of the factory is 400 tones/ month, out of which:
– wafers 250-300 tones
– biscuits and cakes 100-150 tones.
In 2010 we inaugurated a new automatic line for liquid cream wafers, with production capacity of 120 tons/month, in three shifts of 8 hours/day.
In order to increase the use of our used production capacity, in 2010 the company has diversified its offer of wafers, cookies and cakes.
In 2011 investments were made, for the production areas of wafers, pastry and cookies, being bought high capacity equipment, with increased performance, assuring a more efficient, augmented productivity.
To ensure efficient sales, we organized the distribution by grouping our beneficiaries, according to the amount of products ordered, rigorously pursuing contracts’ compliance, ensuring in the same time the necessary promotional materials, in order to keep alive the image of TANO Factory and its brand among the consumers, as well as applying other strategies and adequate techniques for sale.

Address: REMUS, village, FRATESTI commune, km. 5, GIURGIU city, ROMANIA
Phone: +40 732 320 000, +40 732 320 025
Fax : +40 246 230 814
E-mail: contact@tanoprod.ro
Web: www.tanoprod.ro


Tracian Beef was founded in the early 2013 with the desire of Mr. Cornel Paraschiv to have a farm where steers could grow in the best conditions.
To relieve stress, the 10 stalls of the farm are equipped with audio system for ambient music.

Construction farm site:
The farm is a new construction carried out during 2013-2014 and consists of 10 stalls
The total area of the farm is approximately 14,000 sqm.
With a capacity of up to 4,000 animals per year and growing spaces that meet the highest European standards, Tracian Beef is one of the largest and most modern cattle farms in Romania. Tracian Beef is a company whose main activity is livestock and trade in live animals.
Some breeds of cattle that are bred here we mention Simmental, Belgian Blue, Charolais, Limousin, Angus.
The company promotes also local breeds, with natural resistance, solid reproduction abilities and vitality. Occurrence in animal genetic material is not something that interests us, since we value quality for quantity.
Annually Tracian Beef can sell about 8,000 animals.
S The live animals are transported by vehicles authorized veterinary serviced by persons who
have certified caregiver animals during transport.
Food for the steers is a mix of feed containing flour concentrate (produced by FNC Babeni, part of our group of business that uses its manufacture grain from lands of the Holding) , corn silage and straw.
All being part of the mix feed and all from the Holdings farmland which has 5,000 hectares.

Phone: +40736102396
Fax: +40213611000
E-mail: office@tracianbeef.ro

S.C. TUAL FAST CHANCE ’98 SRL is a private Romanian company, active on the pastry and confectionery market since 1998. We have a wide range of products such as: cakes, cookies, pound cakes, chocolate and biscuits salami, etc. To view our assortment, please visit the company website: www.doctor-fusec.ro; www.secretulbunicii.com.

We have a national distribution network that covers all the counties of Romania.
We are and have been for the past 8 years suppliers to the main retail networks in Romania: Auchan, Carrefour, Cora, Metro, Profi, Billa, Mega Image, Rewe, Kaufland both under our own brand and under their private label. The company’s
products meet a very high standard of quality, with rigorous tracking of the entire production workflow, only good quality ingredients being used for their manufacture.
The company’s goal is to offer its customers quality desserts, very similar to the home-made ones. We adapt traditional recipes to a semi-industrial scale, but we keep the traditional quality of the products.
We address nostalgic customers, attentive to what they eat or offer to their beloved ones. Our products represent “homemade” desserts and sweet snacks, which awaken their good memories of family warmth and safety.

Address: Romania, Bucuresti sect. 2, Sos Dobroesti nr. 14, bl. H15, Sc. A, ap. 33
Phone: +40311 024 361
Fax: +40311 024 361
E-mail: office@doctor-fursec.ro;
Web: www.doctor-fursec.ro; www.secretulbunicii.com
United Brands of Balkans SRL

Our company ,United Brands of Balkans, is a part of 9 companies involved in production , Horeca distribution and have own chain of pastry , bakery & confectionary shops.
From our needs in supplying our shops chain until now and also for other shops it comes the necessity to have our own industrial productions lines, with enough production capacity.

At this time ,we are one of the biggest producer in Central & Estern Europe of mini tarts shells ,shoe pastry –minieclairs & minichoux , mini savarines donuts and have also a frozen line for Bavarian Brezel and Brasovian Brezel ,prebaked and deep frozen buns ,mini-baguettes and pizza dough.
Our strengths are the quality (also because our products are daily tested in our shops) and the very convenient prices.
The products have Horeca packaging ,Retail packaging or Gastro packaging.

Address: Toporasilor 274 Petrachioaia Ilfov
Phone: +40756 255 667
Fax: +4021 361 74 24
Web: www.minibites.today