With an experience of more than 10 years in the field, Agrisol International RO is one of the largest companies from the Romanian food industry.

Excellency has been the main drive that led us to continuously invest in technological development, offering our customers high quality products.
Agrisol offers high quality chicken products, fresh or frozen, available in multiple packaging options, accordingly with our customers` requirements. We are also proud to provide Halal chicken products certified by the Muslim community.

Address: Boldesti-Scaeni, 38 Morii st. Judet Prahova Romania
Telephone: +40244211821


Annabela Raureni Canning Factory produces confitures, jams, fruit in syrup (compote), syrups, pickles, vegetables for cooking, tomato based products, readymade (zacusca spreads), marmalade, natural concentrate apple juice bulk (100% apple), natural fruit juice bag-in-box packed (100% fruit), strawberry confiture 100% fruit, plum butter „magiun” 100% fruit, hot pepper confiture –Gourmet, red onion confiture –Gourmet, wellness jam and confiture (no added sugar, inulin based), portion jams 20g.

With a portfolio of over 100 products and over 40000t manufacturing capabilities, our modern factory produces high volumes of both Raureni brand and private label. Best fruit and vegetable are handpicked for our jars, from well-verified sources. Natural ingredients, no preservatives, no colorants, no artificial flavours. Helping people around the world enjoy nature’s best Râureni exports for Germany Austria, Italy Spain Israel, SUA, Canada, Cyprus France, Australia, Suedia, EAU, Belgium, Belarus, Great Britain, New Zealand, Denmark, Saudi Arabia, Ireland, Russia, Japan, China, Greece, Moldavia.

Address: Str. Barajului, Nr. 52, Rm Valcea.Judet Valcea. Romania
Telephone: +40 250 733 308
Fax: +40 250 739 563


ARTESANS del SUCRE is a Spanish family owned company founded in 1991; today is the largest manufacturer of handmade lollipops and exports their products to over 50 countries worldwide

Since 1993 ARTESANS del SUCRE successfully exhibits the highest quality of handmade lollipops at the ISM trade fair. The company also exhibits at the ANUGA KOLN, SIAL PARIS, TUTTO FOOD MILANO, IFE LONDON, GULFOOD DUBAI fairs.
Our lollipops and candy canes are individually handcrafted and each item is hand wrapped very carefully with the best packaging material. With this we prevent damage of goods during delivery.
All our candies are made with only the finest natural ingredients, without artificial preservatives and cooked in small batches to ensure optimum freshness and quality. Our candies are not cooked with steam, the “cooking on direct fire” is our traditional and most valuable production method, which preserves and enhances flavour and taste.
Our candies are available in a large variety of flavours. Not just traditional colour combinations are available, any kind of colour combinations are available for our customers.

Telephone: +40 243 206 201
Fax: +40 250 739 563


With its headquarters and factory in Suceava, Romania, Betty Ice was founded in 1994 by Armenean family and is currently one of the leading manufacturers of ice cream in the region.

With 23 years of experience in the field as a family business, Betty Ice factory has the latest equipment and is among the most modern ice cream factories in Europe. Today, the factory has a production capacity of approximately 100 tons per day.
The Halal and ISO 22000 standards, recognized worldwide, ensure the implementation of the best practices in food safety. In addition to their successful implementation (with TUV Rheinland certification for ISO 22000), Betty Ice strives for quality, environmental protection and responsibility towards society.
Betty Ice products are recognized for quality and diversity. The portfolio contains 40 different flavours and more than 120 individual products. All ingredients are carefully chosen and of the highest quality: Belgian chocolate, wild berries picked from the forests of Romania, pistachio paste, caramel butter, natural flavours and other.
The fleet of over 200 cars ensures the demand for 14 cold storage warehouses and for its own 200 points of purchase. Betty Ice has a total of 30.000 freezers spread throughout the country.
In 2016, Betty Ice launched the home delivery service in Bucharest. In the future, this service will be extended to other major cities in the country.
Betty Ice has exceeded the national borders, and the ice cream produced in Suceava is now exported to several countries in the region.

Address: Cernauti Street, no. 121, postal code 720089 Romania
Telephone: +40230520454
Fax: +40230533073


The Cosm Fan Carmangerie, one of the most important companies in the meat and meat preparation market in Cluj-Napoca, was founded in 1994 by Ștefan and Cosmin Moldovan, father and son. Over the years, the authentic taste and quality of the products generated a steady growth of the business, which led to the opening of own meat chain of stores.

In 2005, the Moldovan family decided to invest in a cattle ranch in Mociu. Here, in a healthy, balanced and natural environment they grow over 230 breeds of cows. Between 2007 and 2008, the company was rebuilt from scratch using SAPARD funds, which were mostly used towards modernization and acquiring modern technologies for the production environment. This investment has been the central pillar in the further development of the company, which led to both extending the network of stores and increasing the number of employees, as well as to diversifying the portfolio of their products.
Therefore, in 2017 Cosm Fan Carmangerie has a number of 31 stores throughout the Cluj County, having earned its place in the city’s top 100 companies, with almost 279 employees. The portfolio of its products includes 120 different specialties such as sausages, salami, smoked ham, frankfurters, marinated minced meat or freshly cut meat, naturally maturated beef or special breeds as Black Angus. In 2014, celebrating already 20 years of existence, the family business went through a complex rebranding process, bringing the concept of a meat store to the 21st century, under the name Moldovan Carmangeria Sânnicoara.

Address: Cluj County, Sannicoara, str. 1 Mai nr. 40 Romania


As one of the most important Romanian Biscuits, Cream Biscuits, Crackers, Pretzels and Sticks Manufacturer, CROCO has been present on the market since 1994 and during all these years established its position as a reliable manufacturer providing a broad range of quality products, promptly reacting to all current and future customer needs.

With a production capacity of 110 tons/24 hours CROCO has long experience dealing with retail chains and preparing products on monthly basis for customers abroad.
We are certificated: ISO 9001, IFS, BRC, HACCP , HALAL
Registered Mark: Since 1994 up to now the company products are sold under the mark of Croco®
Annual turnover 2017 : 32.000.000 EUR

Address: Slanicului Street no 12, Onesti, Romania


Doripesco Prod – a fish farm and factory from Brasov – Romania which specializes mainly in carp and trout production and processing.

Established as a family business in 1998, Doripesco Prod is nowadays one of the biggest fish production and processing companies in Romania managing several important assets:
1. Two carp aquafarms totalizing 320 ha
2. A trout farm
3. A sturgeon farm
4. A processing factory
5. 4 retail stores
6. 3 Fish Restaurants

Doripesco Prod is the only Romanian fish company which produces traditional Romanian fish products by preserving and strategically utilizing local recipes. Our products are placed on the shelves of some of the major retail chains in Romania and our distribution network is extending rapidly.

Address: Jud Brasov, Loc Halchiu, Str. Bisericii Nr. 224, 507080 Romania
Phone: +40268481581
Fax: +40268481581


The experience gathered in more than a century of growing animals and farming brought Zimbria to life, offering you a whole range of meat products prepared after traditional Romanian and hunters’ recipes and also a range of cheese products to Covurlui Country.

Based on well-preserved family tradition, Zimbria manufactures specialities and gourmet products that exclusively respect original recipies and production techniques.Ingredients are selected with care and each product is tested before being offered for sale.
You are invited to discover the word of Zimbria, home of our special recipes.

Address: Livezeni Street, No 28 Romania
Phone:0751309967/ 0751309964
Fax: +40268481581


We are the biggest consumer eggs producer in Romania: over 360 million eggs a year, produced by over 1 200 000 hens, fed with cereals from our own Mixed Fodder Plant, distributed in all Romania counties.

The company’s products are available on the shelf under the brands Familia Toneli and Ovital. The product portfolio includes white eggs and brown eggs, delivered in cardboard and plastic casserole; the eggs distributed by Toneli Holding can be purchased from the shelf in packs of 4, 6, 8, 10, 15, 20 and 30 eggs.
The production and distribution processes comply with the legislation in force and meet the requirements of the quality-environment-food-management systems (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, IFS Foods). The finished product, the egg, is of superior quality, especially due to the involvement and responsible dedication of the team of over 500 people, including veterinarians, engineers, nutritionists, technicians.
We are an innovative company, proud of our products like:
-Familia Toneli Free range eggs – from hens which have acces in plein air and can enjoy sun and grass.
-Familia Toneli Kids eggs – GMO free – from hens raised on the ground, fed with genetically unmodified cereals; Extra-fresh – until the 9th day after laying; they naturally contain vitamins A, B12, E and Omega 3.
-Ovital Selenium Free range eggs – strong immunity eggs, enriched with Organic Selenium, which protects our body against diseases, acting as an antioxidant; helps to regulate blood pressure and maintains the immune system healthy.
-Ovital Omega 3 Free range eggs – strong heart eggs, Omega 3 source – essential for proper functioning of the cardiovascular system and nervous system.

Address: Baneasa Business & Technology Park,Nr 42-44, Bucharest / Ploiesti Av.Building A, 3-rd Floor, District 1, Bucharest Romania
Phone: +4021 361 05 31
Fax: +4021 361 05 30


GERMINO is a private owned Romanian company, founded as a company in 1991, but its roots are deep; it was there from 1914.In 2014 , we celebrated 100 years of existence.

Our mission is to provide customers with excellent products obtained from natural ingredients and recipes adapted to global trends in food.
We are an integrated system that we operate bakery production facilities in locations situated in the Romania.
The main production activities undertaken by us are:
-Production of biscuits (sugar, gluten)
– Production of industrial confectionery (rolls, cookies, cakes, muffins)
-Production of pasta (vermicelli and noodles)

We’d love to tell a great story of wheat grain, story that was born here in GERMINO, but,better, we invite you to discover yourself by visiting our website at
And to convince you of the power that we represent and we are proud to address a warm invitation to meet us with your presence here, at home, at GERMINO in ROMANIA.

Address: 1st Ion Creanga street Romania
Phone: +40247311727
Fax: +40247312213


Golden FoodsSnacks is present in the Romanian market since 2009, in all important national and international chains, with both own labels and private labels, with strong distribution on Traditional Trade. Currently we manufacture, package and distribute 4 products categories: Noble Nuts, Peanut, Seeds, Dried Fruits.

Our vision, a very important target, an excellent starting point for years to come: to develop a solid business in SNACKS segment with a strong presence in the key markets, becoming the 1st Choice of our consumers, clients, suppliers and employees.
Quality is a key word for our entire organization, is what guides us in everything we do.It compresses everything: from product safety to having a variety range of attractive packaging, to dealing with customers complaints and ensuring a high delivery reliability and excellent service. We are certified with IFS V6 ensuring quality standards and procedures.

Telephone:+4021 3318800
Fax:+4021 3318888


GRANDE DOLCERIA is a company specialized in producing and selling pastries and baked products.

With a wide range of high quality products, a modern factory at the highest technological standards our team is specialized to satisfy the taste of the most exigent customers. We offer a full guarantee regarding hygiene and food safety principles monitoring all stages of production. IFS Food standard validates the special attention given to manufacturing process and HALLAL certificate proves that we are able to satisfy the needs of all customers all over the world.

Address: Municipiul Galati, Str.Regiment 11 Siret, Nr.48, camera 1, Bl G2, Sc.2, etaj 8, apt.78. Romania
Telephone: +40236 449301
Fax: +40236 449000


Man RoFactory started its activity in 2005 as a member of the Sam Mills Group, having 21 employees.The main activity is obtaining corn oil by pressing corn germ supplied bySam.

MillsEurope.The processing capacity is of 850 tons of corn germ out ofwhich 150 tons of oil are extracted daily.
Corn oilpreserves its taste, flavour and nutrients because it is obtained by cold pressing. It can be used for frying meat or potatoes.
Unlike the oils that are extracted chimically and then refined, unrefined corn oil is formed of simple, natural lipids, unfragmented by chemical processes.
As a result, corn oil can be used for frying more times than refined oils and it does not alter the taste of food from one frying to the other.
Starting with 2013, Man Ro factory is diversifying its activity with soy beans processing in order to obtain full soy fat.The monthly capacity of full fat production is 600 tons.

Address: 32 SOIMOSENI st., SATU MARE county Romania
Telephone: +40261 768 481
Fax: +40236 449000

NEGRO 2000

We are a private company with 100% Romanian capital, established in 1993 in the field of processing and preservation of fish and fish products.

We are offering our clients a diversified range of fish roe salads, raw salted roe, smoked fish specialties, marinated fish, fish salads and frozen fish using our trademarks – “NEGRO 2000”, “GASTRONATURA”, “PIATA DE PESTE”, “GUSTUL CALITATII”, etc.
From them, “GASTRONATURA” represents the “PREMIUM” range, including pike roe salad, carp roe salad, carp and pike roe salad, smoked salmon fillet, smoked Alaska salmon fillet, smoked mackerel and, more recently, a diversified range of barbecue dishes.
NEGRO 2000 is market leader in Romania since 1999, our business beeing suported by almost 250 employees and an extensive car fleet that ensures the necessary conditions for the transport of our products all over Romania and in many European countries.
Our products are present in Europe in countries like Italy, Spain, UK, Germany, France, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria, etc. and we colaborate with retail chains such as Kaufland, Carrefour, Selgros, Auchan, Metro, Cora and more.

Address: 136 Metalurgiei Blvd, Bucharest, Romania
Telephone: +40 21 460 26 36
Fax: +40 21 460 20 85


Pambac SA is a national leader on the Romanian market of pasta and one of the most important companies in Romania in the milling, pasta, bakery, pastry and confectionery products and with a tradition dating back to 1968.

Pambac SA has set out the mission to give people healthy and tasty products manufactured using the most modern technologies in the field, in an integrated management system for quality, environment, food safety and security certified by TÜV Thüringen Germany.
Pambac SA has implemented and currently keeps quality integrated system which guarantees client and consumers a constant quality and safety of the products. The products made by Pambac SA are in accordance with SR EN ISO 9001:2008, SR EN ISO 14001:2004 and FSSC 22000, certification of the management system of quality, food safety and environment.
Pambac SA sells its products under the brands Pambac, Grania, Gata, Ciao Pasta on the Romanian market and in countries from Europe, Asia and Africa.

Address: Calea Moinesti no 14, 600281, Bacau, Romania
Telephone: +40 234 517 400
Fax: +40 234 513 096